How Jessica Macrina is Mixing Her Soccer Skills Into a New Profession

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USA News February 01, 2023
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How Jessica Macrina is Mixing Her Soccer Skills Into a New Profession
How Jessica Macrina is Mixing Her Soccer Skills Into a New Profession

Jessica, thank you for joining us.  You are an amazing professional athlete in football (soccer). Did you start at an early age?  "Yes, I started when I was 5. I played from then on until college, where I played at Long Beach State. From there, I went to play in Sweden for some time in 2019 before the pandemic started. When I came back from Sweden, I then pursued a career in social media & content creation! One of my main influences was watching my brother play soccer at a young age and wanting to be involved so badly! When it was finally my turn to play, I was eager to be the best!" 

What maintained your interest in the sport?  "My competitive drive to be better and better at the sport. It was also an outlet & an escape from other things going on. Do you have any plans for playing on an International team? I do not have plans of playing on an international team. I already played in Sweden, and I’ve retired the boots competitively. I’m a full-time content creator now!" 

At what point did you realize you could use your amazing soccer skills and amass a large following on social media channels?  "I started gaining a social media following my senior year in college, and it blew up right around the time that I was going to play in Sweden after college! I was posting small videos of different drills, and tons of large football accounts were reposting them from around the world!" 

Do you have a favorite social media channel?  "My favorite social media channel is probably 433 because they post the best of the best content and because they’ve shown love for my videos as well!" 

You have also gained much popularity with your modeling talent. Any latest activities in modeling, and will you continue to pursue your modeling career?  "One of the cool upcoming brand deals I’m working on is a collab with Liverpool fashion(LFC). They’re having me model some cute kits and design the outfits based on my own unique style."

You are a popular style influencer on social media channels. What are some of the ups and downs of achieving influencer fame and continuing success?  "There are definitely ups & downs to being involved with social media. On the one hand, it’s nice to have brands that want to send you free products and give you amazing opportunities, but it’s also sometimes taxing to have to film/be on camera when you’re not mentally doing the best. It’s so important to find a balance, especially for someone like me." 

What are your latest projects?  "I’ve been working with some dope brands, especially during the World Cup! Draftkings, run your pool, puma, BLR, etc. Heading into the new year, I’ll be looking forward to new opportunities and especially travel! Also, I will be regularly posting on YouTube this year, so go subscribe to my channel! I’m going to be doing park takeovers and indoor takeovers. Basically, just playing against people and using a mic!" 

Jessica Macrina, the USA News team, with much gratitude, thank you for sharing with us just a small part of your big life.  Our best to you in everything great that we know you will accomplish!

Photo Credit: Jessica Macrina
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