Kristina Makushenko is USA News Top Female Athletic Performer of 2023

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Gallant Dill-CEO of USA News January 04, 2023
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Kristina Makushenko is USA News Top Female Athletic Performer of 2023

Kristina Makushenko is an amazing fitness influencer who gracefully entertains her followers with magical synchronized swimming. 

Our staff recently interviewed her as one of our “Top Picks” for 2023, and here is what we learned about this incredibly talented influencer:

Kristina began her swimming endeavor 15 years ago, and at the age of 6, she started doing synchronized swimming.  Five months after training at her first-ever competition, she won 4 gold medals. “That’s when my mom knew I had the talent for my sport. And when I turned 13, I won my first two gold medals at the World Championship.”

A few years ago, in 2020, Kristina started to perform underwater dance videos, and in a short time, her videos became VIRAL.  That is the point when she started gaining recognition around the world.

Kristina’s favorite location for underwater dancing is Hawaii and the Maldives.

When asked about any place she would like to swim and have yet to go to, she replied: “I would love to swim in Baja California with sea lions and in South Africa with great white sharks.”

Fun Fact: Kristina can hold her breath for a little over 4 minutes. Her goal is 10 minutes.

When asked about her plans for 2023, she explains: “I see more movies that have underwater scenes, which is exactly what I do. And I hope I can get recognition from 1 of the producers, ideally Avatar, black Panther :) I believe I can do underwater acrobatics, dancing in a way that for regular swimmers will be hard to do. And every day – currently, I push my limits, so I can stay longer underwater or do tricks without any air in my lungs, which gives me the ability to move the same as on land.”

A few amazing photos of Kristina:

Photo Credits: Kristina Makushenko

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