The Best Way to Get Healthy is with Gabby Scheyen

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USA News January 26, 2023
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The Best Way to Get Healthy is with Gabby Scheyen
The Best Way to Get Healthy is with Gabby Scheyen
Gabby Scheyen, thanks for joining us in sharing your story. We noticed you have many talents, including fitness training, entrepreneurship, modeling, fashion, product reviews, life hacks, and more which are remarkable! Let's dive into some of those well-loved talents for our readers. 

Which of your talents, individually or combined, were utilized to begin your online influencer journey?
"I started my online influencer journey through health and fitness. I joined Instagram when the app first launched and began sharing pieces of my life. My page really began to take off when I started to share my fitness journey. At the time, not many people were using the app to post fitness content, I believe I got in at a really good time. I have always been very open and honest on my social channels about my struggles with food and my body. I think this is what drew people to my content and why people still follow me to this day." 

Your knowledge of physical fitness is impressive, and you make it look so effortless. Were you formally trained in physical fitness, or did you self-learn what you demonstrate online?
"Thank you! I am completely self-trained when it comes to fitness and health. I have spent over 10 years in the fitness space and have learned so much along the way." 

There is an entrepreneurial element that seems to align with health and fitness. Tell us a little about your online products and shops, and do any of them evolve strongly with your fitness/health passion?
"The first products I ever launched were my fitness guides. I have created 3 workout guides over the years, and although they are still available to purchase, I do not promote them anymore. I created the guides a long time ago, and my training has changed and evolved a lot since then. I still believe the workouts in those guides are completely effective, but my own training has changed so much that it would not make sense for me to promote my old style of training.
I used to think I could only post fitness content on my feeds. But as I have grown and evolved as a person over the years, I feel more comfortable posting about my day-to-day life and running my businesses. The main business I focus on now is called Knight Swimwear. Knight Swim is an inclusive, body-positive swimwear company. I design swimwear that looks good and feels good on everybody. The reason this brand is called “Knight” Swimwear is because of the battles many young girls (and boys) fight every day. I have been very open about my past struggles with eating disorders, and I know how hard buying a bikini can be. My advocacy for women supporting women, self-love, and confidence in your own skin has been foundational in creating the brand and culture at Knight." 

We see that you are an influencer of healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to eating. Why is that important for you to share with your audience?
"My YouTube channel is one of my favourite places to exist. I connect so heavily with my viewers. A lot of them have been watching my channel since I started it. I have videos on my channel from years and years ago of myself crying to the camera because I could not stop binge eating. I think the story that my channel tells is an overall success story of a young teenage girl growing into an adult, healing, and finding herself. The reason I have always shared such personal parts of my life is because my overall goal is to prevent young girls and boys from making the mistakes I made with my restriction/dieting past. I want to prevent people from ruining their relationship with food and their bodies. My style of video is a very open and honest vlog. I do not often plan my content, but rather film when I feel it is right/when I have something to say. I hope my content continues to inspire people. I want viewers to feel as if they are hanging out with a friend or their big sister when they watch my videos." 

What are some of your other plans or projects for this year?
"My focus going into 2023 is going to heavily be on growing Knight and continuing to post about overall health and wellness. I want to show people that you can live a healthy lifestyle while still eating the foods you love. Fitness used to be my entire life... But now, it is just a part of my life. The food I eat and how many calories I burn no longer consumes my thoughts every day. I am so much more than a girl who works out a lot. I want to share a lot more behind the scenes of running and scaling a small business in 2023. I personally love watching business content, and I hope my community continues to enjoy watching me grow."

Gabby Scheyen, our USA News team is grateful for the time you spent enabling us to learn more about you and your work.  We honor your efforts in promoting healthier lifestyles for all of us.  You are a true gem.

Photo Courtesy: Gabby Scheyen 
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