Amanda Ivanelli: The Mega Influencer Super Mom

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USA News February 01, 2023
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Amanda Ivanelli: The Mega Influencer Super Mom
Amanda Ivanelli: The Mega Influencer Super Mom
Amanda, I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time today and your willingness to share some key moments of your life with us. You are a powerful and entertaining online influencer and have been for some time. 

Can you share a little bit about your online start and at what moment or on what video gave you the realization that you were becoming a hit? 
"I started my blog back in 2013 after I became a mother of two. I realized I wanted a bit more than just motherhood. I was craving a creative outlet. Motherhood can often feel lonely, I wanted a village around me. Now I have over 1 million combined from my social networks, I created the community I craved. I think the moment I realized this was more than just a hobby or outlet was when a brand invited me to New York Fashion Week. It was a pinch-me moment." 

Your videos demonstrate to us that you can be smart, funny, and sexy yet still maintain 5 children and a husband. Do you have any secrets or advice for mothers who wish to maintain their individuality with all the responsibilities of being a mother? 
"*Prioritize your marriage. This will help you grow and succeed in all other aspects of your life when you work together as a team. You become a Dream Team. Motivating each other. 
*Don’t be scared to ask for help! Mom guilt is real. A healthy balance is needed. Self-care refuels all of us. 
*Self Love. When you feel good, you do good." 

Do you follow a daily schedule to balance family and work, or do you end up rolling with it and often just winging it? 
"I’m a great multitasker! A pretty chill person. I think you need to be that to have five kids! I wing it every single day! As long as my kids are fed and happy at the end of the day, I consider it a success. Ps, I never sit down."

I could talk for hours about your amazingly funny family and relationship videos that we can ALL relate to. How do you come up with consistent, funny, and relatable videos often? Do those ideas just pop into your head or do you spend time thinking about what you wish to post? 
"My favorite part is the content creation! I love having a shock factor, making people laugh and talking about things people are nervous to talk about. I look at my social media as a FUN outlet for moms and people in general. As for my contact creation, I study trending audio and try to mix it up with relatable content: mom life & wife life. That way, I can share all aspects of my life to my followers."

We just loved the video when you revealed to your sons that you were going to have a 5th child. Their comments and faces were priceless. But the ongoing anticipation of whether you were having a boy or girl was obvious with your fans and their comments. Then we fast-forward to the gender reveal video with your sons at the hospital that they, in fact, have a sister. Can you fill in the details? 
"That was actually not planned. They were on their way to meet the baby, and I wanted to do something a bit special to announce to them after they waited a long nine months. It kind of all came naturally! I think those videos do the best when they are unplanned and unstaged. People know what a real true reaction is, and that’s what they got. It was the best moment of my life, and I’m so glad I got to capture it. I had so many people along with me on this journey of baby number five, and I’m glad they got to see the ending with me." 

What are your plans for 2023? 
"I have something in the works! Launching next month! It was inspired by my pregnancy/Capri and something I’ve envisioned my entire career."

Amanda, we have great respect and admiration for you and for your personal and insightful story. Thank you for your time-tested pearls. Many blessings to you and your family!

Photo Courtesy: Amanda Ivanelli
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