How to Write a Press Release

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USA News August 16, 2023
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How to Write a Press Release
How to Write a Press Release

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For a quick tutorial video click HERE.

To view a press release template click HERE.

Below are some basic steps to generally follow in developing your own press release.

Step 1: Understand Your Audience and Goal Before you begin writing, identify your target audience and the purpose of your press release. Determine what you want to communicate and why it's newsworthy. Step 2: Craft a Catchy Headline Create a concise and attention-grabbing headline that summarizes the main point of your press release. Make it intriguing and relevant to the news you're sharing. Step 3: Write an Engaging Introductory Paragraph In the first paragraph, provide the essential details of your news: who, what, where, when, and why. This paragraph should be succinct but captivating, drawing readers into the rest of the release. Step 4: Develop the Body of the Release Expand on the information from the introductory paragraph in the following paragraphs. Use each paragraph to delve deeper into the details, supporting your news with facts, quotes, statistics, and relevant information. Make sure each paragraph flows logically. Step 5: Include Quotes Incorporate quotes from key individuals related to the news, such as company executives, experts, or customers. Quotes add a human touch and credibility to your press release. Step 6: Provide Background Information If necessary, include a section with additional context about your company, product, or event. This can help journalists understand the bigger picture. Step 7: Summarize and Conclude Sum up the key points of your news in the final paragraph. This paragraph should emphasize the significance of your announcement and what it means for your industry, community, or audience. Step 8: Add Contact Information Include the contact details of a media representative or spokesperson who can answer inquiries from journalists. This makes it easy for reporters to get more information if needed. Step 9: Add a Boilerplate Include a brief description of your company at the end of the press release. This is known as a boilerplate and provides essential background information about your organization. Step 10: Proofread and Edit Review your press release for grammatical errors, clarity, and coherence. Ensure that the information is accurate and consistent. Step 11: Formatting and Distribution Once you submit your press release, Our editorial team will Include the "dateline" information which includes the location, date and USANews link. We will also format any URLs to have the necessary hyperlinks and sometimes highlight areas in bold for improved readability. Remember that a press release should be concise, factual, and most importantly free of promotional language. Its primary purpose is to provide news to the media in a format that's easy to understand and share.
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