An Interview with Viral Sports Video Genius Max Peranidze

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USA News January 25, 2023
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An Interview with Viral Sports Video Genius Max Peranidze

An Interview with Viral Sports Video Genius Max Peranidze

Max Peranidze, or rather @maxisnicee in all of your social media channels, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us today.  You are highly successful at creating viral basketball comedy and parody videos.  In fact, your videos are so popular that one of them from TikTok showed up recently in our "Trending Sports" section for 3 days and can be viewed HERE.  And the trending videos we choose to display are the most current and viral videos on the web. 

Max, how did you get your start at your unique, entertaining videos, and has comedy always been your key element? "I grew up playing basketball & always had great humor. So one day, I recorded myself mimicking Lonzo Ball & LaMelo Ball, and it went viral on social media, and all of the top sports accounts were sharing it!" 

Do you remember what videos made you realize you were becoming an online hit? "My Lonzo and LaMelo impressions were my start. But the viral hit that really put me on the map is my LEBRON & Zion vids. I literally walked down the street, and people would call me Lebron. LOL!! "

Your videos are hilarious and so entertaining! Do these video ideas pop into your head, or is there a process you follow to develop them? "I just try to do all the NBA content and NBA player impressions. And if I'm going to do an NBA player impression, then I need to buy their jersey first for the vid."

Which has been your favorite social media platform for your work? "What I tell everyone is Instagram is like your resume. It will also always be my favorite and the #1 app For me. And that’s where I also have my biggest audience. But I love tik Tok and YouTube shorts. It’s the new wave of content, which I also post on a lot." 

How has success changed you? "My success changed my life and put me in places that I would have never thought of being and meeting people I never would have thought of meeting. Especially the people that I IDOLIZED growing up. It’s definitely a huge blessing. And I’m humbled about it, and I will never let the fame change me. Because I have always been a great energy human at heart. And I always make sure I show love to fans as much as possible because, without my fans & people that tune in on my videos, none of this would be happening for me. And I’m grateful for it. 

Max, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience? "The advice I always tell upcoming content creators is to never worry about not posting a video because you don’t know if it’s going to go VIRAL! Just press POST. Don’t overthink! Just post post post !!! You will never find out if the video is viral or not IF YOU DON'T POST it."

Photo Credits: Max Peranidze

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