Nazanin Kavari, the Highly Successful Mommy and Influencer

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USA News February 06, 2023
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Nazanin Kavari, the Highly Successful Mommy and Influencer
Nazanin Kavari, the Highly Successful Mommy and Influencer

Nazanin, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule today to share with us a little bit about your life.  
You have a solid history in acting and in social media video production. Which one is your favorite and why?  "I would have to pick social media! Acting is so fun, and I would love to explore it more, but nothing beats the authenticity of social media. With acting, I’m playing a character. With social media, I’m able to be myself. I have full creative control, can post what I want, etc. Best of all, I love interacting with my followers! It's still so crazy to me that so many of my followers have watched me grow up. I truly view my followers as my family and love reading their comments, DMs, etc. I’m very fortunate to have them." 

Can you tell us a little bit about your modeling experience with Windsor Fashions, and do you continue to work with them?   "Windsor will always hold a special place in my heart! Our relationship started when I wore a dress from them to my Junior year prom. I tagged them on Instagram, and the next thing I know, I’m signing a long-term contract with them! This was a huge deal to me as a Junior in High School. We worked together for years. They were one of the first companies that truly made me feel appreciated and allowed me to have creative control over what we do. In 2018, we did a fun Prom giveaway where I flew to Texas and surprised one of my subscribers with a shopping spree. In 2019, I was the face of their Halloween campaign! In 2020, we held a Meet & greet at their location at my hometown mall! That moment was truly full circle. We haven't worked together in the past year, but I will always be thankful to them for all they have done for me!" 

You are a popular style influencer on social media channels. What are some of the ups and downs of achieving influencer fame and continuing success?  "I started my YouTube channel in 2012, long before it became the lucrative platform that it is. Instagram wasn't even invented yet. I was only in 8th grade when I started. As you can imagine, one of the downfalls of social media is the constant judgment and criticism we face daily. People say everything behind the security of a screen. Since I truly grew up on social media, I’ve developed tough skin. Those comments used to hurt me when I was younger, but now as an adult, I realize that those mean comments are just people projecting their own insecurities & problems onto me. If I were to dwell on every negative comment, I would not be as successful as I am today! There are too many positives I’ve received from this career to stay fixated on the negatives. On the other hand, I have supporters who have been with me from the beginning and truly love seeing me succeed. The community I have built is something I will never take for granted. Another thing that has been difficult for me after my years on social media is the shift to short format video, which we’ve been seeing arise on every social media platform. As someone whose main platform is YouTube, I’m used to talking up a storm! My YouTube videos are easily 30+ minutes long. Having to condense my thoughts and words into short 30-second 1-minute clips has been an adjustment for me, but I’ve learned to adapt to the times. Now I see how parents feel, lol." 

You have a beautiful young family. Can you advise others on how you successfully juggle family and career?  "Thank you so much! I truly would not be able to do it without my village. My parents are retired, so they have been a huge support for my husband and me while we’ve adjusted as a family of 5. My husband is also extremely hands-on, and my oldest goes to school, so that’s also a huge help. Let me just say one child is one thing. But 3 under 3 is a different ball game! Luckily my content heavily revolves around motherhood and lifestyle, so I am still able to work while taking care of my kids. It’s still difficult to find the time for other endeavors, but I know this chapter is temporary, and I'm going to miss my babies being babies! Let’s just say getting more than 6 hours of sleep has been a luxury these days."  

What are your latest projects?  "This year, I want to focus on growing all of my platforms. I’ve hit a million this past year on Instagram and YouTube a few years prior! YouTube is rolling out shorts this next month, so I want to utilize that feature. I also grew my TikTok a lot this year as well! I recently got verified on Snapchat and want to see where that takes me too. I have a business plan as well, but that’s more down the road when I have more free time to focus on it. I’m an all-or-nothing person, so I want to wait for the right time to give it my all!" 

Do you plan on performing in any significant events/shows in 2023?  "Not currently! I’d love to explore acting again once my children are all school-aged. I’d also love to host an event or collaborate with some of my favorite brands in the near future!" 

Any other exciting work you are doing this year?  "Not at the moment. I am just enjoying my babies, especially since I saw how fast they grow up with my first. One thing that motherhood has taught me is to stop and smell the roses." 

Nazanin Kavari, you are a true inspiration to professional parents who juggle their profession and family time. You have demonstrated to all of us the importance of enjoying time with your children, who grow so very fast, by not missing out on this one-time opportunity. The USA Team appreciates you taking the time to tell us your story. Our best to you and your beautiful family! 
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