Better Ranking Launches Revolutionary Website for Tattoo Artist Jack Watts

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USA News PR January 08, 2024
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Better Ranking Launches Revolutionary Website for Tattoo Artist Jack Watts
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Better Ranking Announces the Launch of a Revolutionary New Website for Californian Tattoo Artist Jack Watts CALIFORNIA - January 8, 2024 ( - Better Ranking, a leading web and SEO agency, is thrilled to announce the launch of a cutting-edge website for the renowned Californian tattoo artist, Jack Watts. The new website,, showcases Jack's unique talent and energy. Jack Watts, known for his innovative and striking tattoo designs, has partnered with Better Ranking to create a digital platform that not only showcases his extraordinary work but also provides a seamless and interactive experience for his clients. The website features a custom design, reflective of Jack's inventive artwork, intuitive navigation, and a comprehensive portfolio of Jack's creations. “We are excited to launch this website which reflects Jack Watts' artistry and vision. Our team has worked closely with Jack to ensure the site not only highlights his unique style but also serves users through advanced SEO and responsive design,” said Sam Pettiford, CEO of Better Ranking. The website includes several key features: 1. A Stunning Portfolio: Visitors can browse through an extensive gallery of Jack's tattoo art, illustrations, and flash. 2. Insight into the recent collaborative art show between Jack Watts and Tanner Ramsey. 3. SEO Optimization: Employing Better Ranking's expertise, the website is optimized for search engines, ensuring higher visibility and reach. Jack Watts commented, “I am thrilled with the outcome of my new website. It captures the essence of my work and provides a platform for my expression and those that love art. I believe it will play a crucial role in connecting with my audience.” The launch of is a significant milestone for both Jack Watts and Better Ranking. It stands as a testament to Better Ranking's commitment to delivering innovative web solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clients. For more information about Jack Watts and to view his stunning portfolio, please visit About Better Ranking Better Ranking is a premier web and SEO agency based in the UK. Known for its innovative and client-centric approach, Better Ranking specializes in creating bespoke digital solutions that drive growth and enhance online presence for businesses across various industries. Contact: Sam Pettiford Better Ranking [email protected]

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