Empowering Innovation: 20 Impactful Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change in 2023

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USA News PR December 11, 2023
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Empowering Innovation: 20 Impactful Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change in 2023

Empowering Innovation: 20 Impactful Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change in 2023

Nationwide - December 11, 2023 ( - Empowering Innovation: 20 Impactful Female Entrepreneurs Leading Change in 2023Celebrate the spirit of innovation and resilience as we spotlight remarkable female entrepreneurs making waves following National Entrepreneurship Month. From diverse industries and backgrounds, these trailblazers share a common thread of determination, vision, and transformative leadership. In this exclusive roundup, get to know the inspiring stories of women who have defied conventions, founded thriving businesses, and made substantial contributions to their respective fields. From disrupting traditional models to forging new paths, each entrepreneur brings a unique perspective to the world of business.

In the spirit of community and learning, we'd like to highlight the impactful work of Heather Holmes [formally DeSantis], a mom and entrepreneur, and the CEO and Founder of Publicity For Good for rounding up these amazing leaders. As the head of a communications firm, Heather is dedicated to partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are committed to making the world a better place. Publicity For Good takes a disruptive approach to publicity and media relations, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Learn more about Heather's work and explore the world of purpose-driven entrepreneurship at Publicity For Good.

Now, let’s dive into the lives and work of these remarkable entrepreneurs and join us in acknowledging and applauding their achievements, showcasing the power of female entrepreneurship in driving meaningful change and fostering growth.

Wendy Mackenzie Pease

Owner and President of Rapport International

Words for Entrepreneurs

Remember that in the chaos of life - All is Well. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now.

Wendy MacKenzie Pease, President of Rapport International, heads a top-tier language services firm specializing in global translation and interpretation. With an MBA from Dartmouth and a BA from Penn State, Wendy is a versatile professional—speaker, author, and advisor. Collaborating with diverse companies, she facilitates communication across 200+ languages. As an active board member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Boston, Wendy's global influence is substantial. Having lived in Mexico, Taiwan, and the Philippines, she passionately connects diverse cultures, emphasizing shared humanity. Author of "The Language of Global Marketing" and host of the Global Marketing Show podcast, Wendy explores multilingual lead generation intricacies. Rapport International excels in precise, culturally tailored communication, ensuring customer acquisition in 200+ languages. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the company provides strategic guidance for global growth. Explore Wendy's work and Rapport International at

Schenae Rourk

Principal of Redwood Resources

Words for Entrepreneurs

This too shall pass.

Schenae Rourk, President and CEO of Redwood Resources, renowned in management consulting for 25+ years, guides entities in transportation and infrastructure projects. Recognized as the "SBE/DBE whisperer," she offers strategic assistance in procurement processes. Ms. Rourk actively contributes to the small business community, holding advisory roles and receiving accolades for her advocacy. As the volunteer President for NAWBO-CA, she received the 2021 WTS-LA Rosa Parks Diversity Award and the 2022 COMTO Diversity Award. Appointed to the LAEDC Executive Board and CalOSBA Entrepreneur Task Force, Ms. Rourk continues to advocate for business equity, embodying resilience. Explore her work at

Tracy Marlowe

Owner of Creative Noggin

Words for Entrepreneurs

Embrace diversity within your organization. Companies that champion those with diverse backgrounds will benefit from diversity of thought, experience and perspective. Your company and your clients will reap the rewards of unique ideation, multifaceted problem solving and creative solutions.

I own Creative Noggin, a mission-driven marketing and branding company founded in 2008 as a fully remote agency. Our mission is to empower smart, passionate women to thrive in both their work and personal lives. Motivated by the challenges faced by women in balancing careers and family, I built Creative Noggin to offer a family-first work environment. Our culture supports and empowers women, recognizing their boundless potential and positive impact. Over the years, with numerous awards and satisfied clients, Creative Noggin remains woman-owned, woman-empowered, and women-run. We continue to thrive, demonstrating that a flexible, human-centered workplace benefits both employees and business. Learn more about us at

Brooke Loesby

Founder of LawLifeCoach

Words for Entrepreneurs

Growth does not happen inside of our comfort zone. As entrepreneurs, we have a duty to push boundaries, take risks, and be bold.

Brooke is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of attorneys and fostering positive environments within law firms. Through the Law Life Coach process, she assists motivated attorneys in building their books, transitioning to their ideal roles, and exploring alternative legal careers. If you're ready to take charge of your career, legacy, and purpose, Brooke is here to guide you. Her expertise extends to legal recruiting, transition planning, and providing recommendations on hiring, retention, firm culture, benefits, onboarding practices, structure, and roles. With a JD from Pepperdine Law School, Brooke draws on her legal background, having worked at Akin Gump and Quinn Emanuel before transitioning to legal counseling at Loyola Law School. Besides living her dream life, Brooke enjoys activities like hiking, vegetarian cooking, paddleboarding, and meditation. Explore more of her work at

Shivani Gupta

Speaker, Business Coach and Author

Words for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs work 24-7 so they don't have to work 9 to 5. Believe in yourself, your network is your net worth, keep learning, design life the way you want it, and leave a legacy

Shivani is a Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, and Author. Hailing from India and becoming the first woman in her lineage to work, Shivani moved to Australia at age 11, cherishing the opportunities she's been afforded. Her mission, driven by a deep sense of gratitude, is to empower business leaders and small to medium-business owners to scale, inspire their teams, and prioritize mental wellness. With over 21 years of entrepreneurial experience, Shivani has addressed audiences in 18 countries, coached over 1500 global leaders, and authored 8 books, with a 9th in progress. Demonstrating her expertise, she has successfully scaled multiple businesses to over $1M, recently achieving a noteworthy exit after growing a business from $0 to $5M. Learn more about Shivani at

Olga Bashkatova

Founder of NextStage Advisory LLC.

Words for Entrepreneurs

Turn your accounting weakness into a superpower. Take the time to sit with your accountant on a monthly basis, learn how to analyze your business’s financial health, and start using financials for future planning instead of just reviewing the past.

Olga Bashkatova is a certified public accountant and the visionary founder of NextStage Advisory LLC, based in Austin, Texas. Specializing in providing monthly accounting services and CFO-level insights to startups and growing businesses, including those in the crypto and blockchain industries, Olga boasts over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. With a mission to give leaders the freedom to focus on their vision, NextStage Advisory promises precision in every number and power in every decision. Olga encourages turning accounting weaknesses into superpowers by engaging in monthly discussions with accountants, learning to analyze financial health, and utilizing financials for future planning. Beyond her professional endeavors, Olga hosts Crypto Mondays Austin, a meetup fostering knowledge exchange and opportunities in the crypto and blockchain space. Check out her newsletter "Business Sense Without the BS" on LinkedIn, and for more information, visit

Jane Hales

Founder of Part of The Team, Co-Founder of Sapio Research

Words for Entrepreneurs

You'll be surprised what you can achieve if you push yourself out of your comfort zone, have a bit of a plan and just keep plugging away. Hard work, being prepared for opportunities as they come at you and an enquiring mindset can deliver surprising returns, even if it's just a change of mindset to enable you to appreciate what you have.

With over 30 years in Market Research, Jane Hales is a seasoned professional who not only established two successful research agencies but also coaches business leaders. Under her transformative leadership, Sapio Research achieved rapid success, earning Recommended Agency Register status within five months and winning the UKBA Professional Services Award 2020. Jane's latest venture, Part of the Team, offers virtual market research assistants to enhance businesses, allowing insight professionals to focus on strategic initiatives. Through her role as Accelerator Chair for the London Board of the Entrepreneurs Organization, she doubles Sapio Research's revenue in 18 months, showcasing her commitment to supporting small businesses. Learn more at

Janine Zappini

Founder of Empowered Parents Unlocked

Words for Entrepreneurs

Embrace the challenges, for within them lies the canvas of opportunity. As an entrepreneur, each obstacle is a stroke of resilience, and every setback is a chance to paint a more vibrant success story. Dare to dream, persevere with passion, and watch your entrepreneurial spirit create a masterpiece of innovation and achievement.

Janine Zappini, an award-winning entrepreneur, transforms personal and professional development with a groundbreaking approach, challenging traditional growth concepts. Her focus on empowering parents begins with mindset transformation, blending personal and business development with lifestyle coaching. As the founder of Empowered Parents Unlocked, Janine reaches a global audience through training workshops, online courses, and business programs. Drawing from her experiences as a single mom, global business trainer, educator, and coach, she enriches lives with her book series, "Empowered Parents Unlocked." With a Foreword by Verne Harnish, the series explores parenting psychology and mindset, offering practical tools for self-empowerment. Janine extends her impact through a podcast and workshops, facilitating insightful discussions, expert interviews, and structured experiences. Empowered Parents Unlocked serves as a beacon for harmonizing personal and professional life, providing guidance and expertise. Explore more at

Catherine Kuo

Broker and partner at Engel and Volkers

Words for Entrepreneurs

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

Catherine "Cathey" Kuo, a seasoned commercial real estate broker, investor, and entrepreneur, brings over a decade of expertise in leasing and sales, real estate investing, and 1031 exchanges, coupled with a strong background in business development and strategy. As the Broker and a Partner at Engel & Volkers Las Vegas, and a Forbes Business Council writer, Cathey combines her intuitive understanding of clients' real estate needs with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve their dreams and build wealth. With a focus on serving underrepresented communities, particularly women and minorities, Cathey, a living example of the American Dream, began her real estate journey alongside her mother at a young age. Actively engaged in the Las Vegas community, Cathey is not only dedicated to brokering deals but also supports local businesses and charities. Explore her work at and

Rosanna Berardi

Managing Partner of Berardi Immigration Law

Words for Entrepreneurs

Say “yes” to every opportunity; it doesn’t matter whether you feel qualified or not. You never know which doors will open by saying yes. Make time for learning—read, watch, learn. You can’t be an expert if you’re in a vacuum! Know your numbers, inside and out.

In 2005, Rosanna Berardi embarked on an audacious journey, leaving a prestigious big-firm job to establish her immigration law venture. From a small apartment office with just one client, she has grown Berardi Immigration Law into an award-winning, multinational, full-service firm, serving thousands of global clients across industries. As the Managing Partner, Rosanna, a first-generation Italian-American, envisions her firm as the "Disney of Immigration Law," prioritizing an exceptional client experience through proactive service. With a background as a former Immigration Inspector and Trial Attorney, she stays abreast of immigration trends, benefitting her clients. Certified as a woman-owned business, Berardi Immigration Law received the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award from Women Owned Law in March 2020. Despite her leadership, Rosanna values work-life balance, dedicating time to family and personal pursuits. Explore more about her practice at

Tessa May Marr

Founder of Marr Media Group

Words for Entrepreneurs

You'll never feel 100% ready, so just start.

Meet Tessa May Marr, the dynamic entrepreneur steering Marr Media Group, a virtual social media marketing agency. This 100% remote team, led by skilled Social Media Managers, specializes in tailoring strategies for both B2B and B2C brands. Marr Media Group excels in crafting unique social strategies, executing paid social advertising, implementing influencer marketing, and providing outsourced social media management. Tessa's innovative leadership prioritizes work/life balance, empathy, and a holistic approach. The agency seamlessly integrates with clients' teams, enhancing overall marketing efforts for effectiveness, increased connections, and desired outcomes. Focused on serving growth-oriented DTC businesses, Marr Media Group excels in leveraging social media and email to scale brands. Explore their offerings at Marr Media Group -

Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt

CEO of TechWerxe

Words for Entrepreneurs

Every decision you make is the right decision at that time. As an entrepreneur, it can become very easy to get caught up in every single decision you make, but that won’t allow you to move forward. Feel confident making a decision that you feel will propel your company in the right direction and take the leap of faith.

Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, CEO of TechWerxe and an influential EO New Jersey board member, leads a cutting-edge managed IT and cybersecurity company. Specializing in empowering SMBs, TechWerxe, under Sejal's visionary leadership, prioritizes efficiency, cost reduction, and risk mitigation through personalized support and advanced technology. Unlike traditional approaches, TechWerxe proactively identifies and resolves issues. Sejal's entrepreneurial journey began in 2012, rapidly transforming her husband's IT company into a respected SMB-focused firm. At the helm, Sejal ensures data security and compliance, earning accolades like #1 Cybersecurity Company in NJ. Her innovation extended to CloudWerxe, garnering prestigious awards. With 12 years in financial firms, Sejal actively contributes to the entrepreneurial community, serving on EO and Connect 4 Business Exchange boards. Committed to philanthropy, she supports St. Jude's and anti-trafficking organizations. Passionate about enhancing security, Sejal shares her expertise on stage. Explore more at

Jacqui Byrne

Founder of FlexSchool

Words for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is such an exciting, hopeful, and busy time. I found the difficult part came when the newness was over and I realized I had been naive in thinking "How hard can this be?" I would still do it over again but I have had to reach into depths of perseverance I did not dream of in the beginning. That has helped me grow in ways that I hadn't wanted to at the time, but that I take comfort in now. I am capable of so much more than I thought I was. The excitement and hope do periodically reappear – hold onto them as long as you can when they do!

Jacqui Byrne, visionary founder of FlexSchool, leads a network of small schools uniquely designed for the creative and asynchronous minds of gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) students. An esteemed education expert, Jacqui is a sought-after speaker, sharing insights at various educational forums. She contributes to the Bridges Graduate School Advisory Council and The G Word documentary Advisory Board. With a B.A. from Yale and as a parent of 2e kids, Jacqui draws on rich experience. Before FlexSchool, she co-founded the respected Ivy Ed college preparation firm. Accredited with physical campuses in NY and NJ, FlexSchool caters to grades 5–12 and Post-Graduate, complemented by a 100% live virtual Cloud Campus for grades K–12 and Post-Graduate globally. Explore more at

Sarah E. Endline

Founder of Sazzy

Sarah Endline, Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School, focuses on Web 3, NFTs, consumer innovation, and social impact. As an executive fellow, she invests, speaks, and advises in these domains while incubating her next venture, Sazzy, from Harvard. Formerly CEO of SweetRiot, her journey gained recognition from major publications. With a background in launching products at Yahoo! and designing for Microsoft, Sarah's impact reaches global Internet consumers. A speaker for the US State Department and advisor for the Zu Incubator in Montreal, she mentors programs like Tech Stars in Paris and Antler in Scandinavia. Based in Michigan, Sarah holds an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor's from The University of Michigan. Explore her work at

Liza Roeser

CEO of Fifty Flowers

Words for Entrepreneurs

Just keep doing and follow that shining star.

Liza Roeser, a pioneering entrepreneur, left an indelible mark on the global floral industry with the establishment of Farm Exports in 1998, later evolving into the groundbreaking FiftyFlowers in 2003. Motivated by early entrepreneurial ventures and a transformative Peace Corps experience in Latin America, Liza delved into Ecuador's flower industry, introducing innovative distribution channels for farm-fresh flowers delivered directly to customers. Based in Boise, Idaho, FiftyFlowers boasts a dedicated team of over 50 employees seamlessly operating in the United States and Ecuador. Liza's leadership, guided by the mantra "just keep doing" and "follow that shining star," catapulted FiftyFlowers into a global floral leader, bringing beauty and meaning to countless lives. With a mission to provide a DIY flower experience through expertise, selection, quality, and support, FiftyFlowers has been an industry leader for over two decades, facilitating dream weddings with stunning farm-fresh flowers. Discover their offerings at

Carmen Torres

CEO of My HR Specialist

Words for Entrepreneurs

Invest in an association or mastermind of business owners/entrepreneurs; a community of like-minded individuals is the best way to learn and grow, minimizing some time-consuming common pitfalls, and don’t underestimate the value of a Business Plan… Review it regularly and update it according to your upgraded goals.

Carmen Torres, CEO of My HR Specialist Inc., boasts two decades of expertise in fostering equitable, safe, and collaborative workplaces. As a trusted adviser, she plays a pivotal role in helping organizations establish robust HR departments. Carmen conducts a comprehensive 360° analysis, developing vital components like job descriptions, policy manuals, conflict resolution strategies, performance management systems, and more. Her profound understanding of human complexities aligns with regulatory frameworks, achieving business goals. Actively engaged in professional associations like PIHRA and SHRM, Carmen holds leadership roles at City Club Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. With a wealth of certifications, she provides expertise on HR essentials, sexual harassment prevention, employee classification, handbook benefits, and intern policies. Explore Carmen's insights and free special reports at

Inna Korenzvit

Founder of KORE Bookkeeping Solutions

Words for Entrepreneurs

It's better to have no business than bad business!

Inna Korenzvit, a York University School of Business graduate with 25+ years of accounting experience, founded KORE Accounting Solutions in 2008, aiming to empower business owners. Recognized among The Top 50 Women in Accounting, Inna leads her firm in providing law firms across the United States with cutting-edge, cloud-based management accounting services. As a Clio Certified Consultant and QuickBooks Elite ProAdvisor, the KORE Team specializes in assisting lawyers in meeting Client Trust Accounting obligations. From monthly bookkeeping to custom partner revenue reports, KORE tailors its services to align with clients' unique needs. Inna, a Member of the Arizona Supreme Court’s Committee on Character & Fitness, emphasizes the importance of finding the right two-way fit with clients, prioritizing long-term success. Explore Inna’s forward-thinking solutions at

Morgan Denton Katz

CEO of Ticketnology

Morgan Denton Katz, a seasoned live events specialist with over 17 years of experience, shines as a strategic thinker, resourceful problem-solver, and detail-oriented professional. As the CEO of Ticketnology, Morgan leverages her leadership and expertise to drive the development and delivery of technology solutions and live event ticket marketing services, emphasizing exceptional client services. Her track record of success is marked by a consistent ability to deliver positive customer experiences, forging outstanding partnerships and product opportunities throughout her career. At Ticketnology, Morgan envisions revolutionizing the business engagement landscape with sports and entertainment, aiming to transform ticket management into a seamless, productive operation for corporate ticket buyers through innovative technology. Join in redefining the ticket management experience at, where every ticket becomes an opportunity.

Leslie Shields Botvidson

Owner of The Shields Agency

Words for Entrepreneurs

Embrace the power of thinking outside the box when hiring. Look beyond traditional qualifications and seek diverse perspectives. Innovation flourishes when you bring together a team with varied skills and backgrounds. Invest in developing leaders within your organization. Nurture talent from within, identifying and cultivating the potential in your existing team. A culture of leadership development not only boosts morale but also ensures a sustainable and adaptive future for your company.

Leslie Shields Botvidson, owner of The Shields Agency, leads a female-driven insurance agency offering comprehensive solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. With a consultative approach, the agency covers a spectrum of insurance needs, including commercial, health, auto, home, liability, life, Medicare, and supplemental options. A Texas native and Texas A&M University alumna, Leslie launched her independent agency in 2019 and strategically expanded in 2023, adding property and casualty insurance. The Shields Agency, actively contributing to the community, has experienced significant growth, welcoming six agents and support staff. Leslie, an active member of Entrepreneur's Organization, contributes to her community by serving on the Fort Worth Library Advisory Board and as a neighborhood board president. Committed to supporting women in business and animal rescues, Leslie also enjoys camping and traveling with her family. Learn more at

Heather DeSantis Holmes

Founder and CEO of Publicity For Good

Words for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, I've learned that purpose-driven businesses can change the world. Embrace your vision, surround yourself with a community that inspires you, and don't be afraid to challenge the status quo. Every step forward is an opportunity to create a positive impact. So, fellow entrepreneurs, let your purpose guide you, stay resilient, and remember, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination.

Heather DeSantis, CEO and Founder of Publicity For Good (PFG), epitomizes purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Established in 2016, PFG is a mission-focused communications firm excelling in disruptive publicity and social media services for purpose-driven brands. Former Miss Ohio International and acclaimed PR professional, Heather leads a team dedicated to partnering with individuals and companies committed to positive change. Her journey includes Forbes 30 Under 30 nominations, PRNEWS Top Women in PR 2021 Entrepreneurs Award, and a finalist for the Platinum PR Awards CEO of the Year in 2021. PFG, recognized as the leading PR agency for socially impactful consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, reflects Heather's commitment to excellence and social good. As a mom, homesteader, and entrepreneur, Heather emphasizes community, continually spotlighting purpose-driven entrepreneurs and fostering shared knowledge and mutual growth. Explore Publicity For Good and Heather's journey at Publicity For Good.

We celebrate a new group of innovative and resilient women entrepreneurs for honoring National Entrepreneurship Month. Diverse in industries and backgrounds, they share determination, vision, and transformative leadership. From disrupting norms to forging new paths, each brings a unique perspective.

Join us in applauding these remarkable women, highlighting the power of female entrepreneurship in driving change and fostering growth. Their stories inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, illustrating limitless possibilities when passion meets perseverance. As we conclude, let their experiences be a lasting source of motivation, reinforcing the belief that entrepreneurship knows no bounds. Cheers to the continued success of these trailblazers, risk-takers, and change-makers who redefine possibilities.


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