Ian Talbert's Book "The Primal Method" Revolutionizes Preparedness: Unleash Your Inner Savage & Prosper!

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USA News PR September 02, 2023
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Ian Talbert's Book "The Primal Method" Revolutionizes Preparedness: Unleash Your Inner Savage & Prosper!
Ian Talbert's Book "The Primal Method" Revolutionizes Preparedness: Unleash Your Inner Savage & Prosper! Worldwide, September 2, 2023 ( -Renowned author and expert in preparedness, Ian "Primal" Talbert, has unveiled his groundbreaking book, "The Primal Method: A Strategic Approach To Preparedness For The Modern Age," which is set to revolutionize the way individuals approach modern-day preparedness. With a unique approach that combines personal development, survival skills, and the ability to get paid to become prepared, Talbert's book offers a comprehensive guide to unlocking one's inner savage and thriving in any situation.

In "The Primal Method," Talbert provides readers with a step-by-step blueprint to elevate their preparedness game and achieve unparalleled success. Drawing from his extensive experience in survival, combatives, personal development, and leadership, Talbert offers a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional preparedness methods. Unlike other books in the genre, "The Primal Method" not only equips readers with essential survival skills but also empowers them to transform their mindset and unleash their full potential. One of the key aspects that sets "The Primal Method" apart is its emphasis on financial prosperity. Talbert firmly believes that being prepared goes hand in hand with financial independence. By providing practical advice on generating income through preparedness-related activities, Talbert shows readers how to turn their passion for survival into a lucrative venture.

We sat down with Ian to get a summarized breakdown of what The Primal Method is really about because Ian's approach to preparedness is much different than most. His method spans 6 focus layers that nest inside of what he calls the "Trifecta of balance."

Here's what he had to say about it...

"The Primal Method" is a 6 layered strategic approach to preparedness for the modern age. When people wake up to preparedness they often start with their priorities backward. The Primal Method is designed logically and practically to streamline your preparedness. Preparedness is much more than knowing how to build fires and primitive shelters, it’s much more than having a lot of weapons and gear, it’s much more than having years of food and water storage. To be prepared for the modern age you need to be strategic, and The Primal Method is your blueprint for proper preparedness.

At the end of the day, none of the gear, none of the skills, none of the plans mean anything if you come home to a life you’re not happy to live, and this is where The Primal Method starts. In order for you to truly be prepared for tough times in life, you need to have a solid foundation to build your skills and knowledge, and that’s why we focus on that foundation in layer 1 of the method. This entire training system is designed to get you prepared for the highest-priority things in life. Think of it as your preparedness bible.


To reach optimal preparedness you need to be squared away. Much like a house, you can’t expect to hold up to the test of time without having a strong foundation. This layer is primarily focused on developing a hardened mindset and strategy for life. Your gear, survival skills, weapons training, etc… None of it matters if you come home to a broken relationship, a career that doesn’t support your dreams, or finances that don’t allow you the freedom to live. None of the preparedness matters if you come home at the end of the day to a life you hate living. In this layer, we help you square every bit of that away so you can begin to build true preparedness.

Moving forward in The Primal Method the next logical and practical step is your health & fitness. None of the gun fighting, shelter building, and fire-making skills will make a big difference if you can’t run 1 mile without feeling like you’re going to die. In this layer, we work on your nutrition and workout routines to help you develop a savage body, and a savage body will enhance the performance of the mind.

Now that the mind and body have been hardened to withstand the test of time, and your life is squared away. The next logical step in your preparedness is to become a weapon to defend yourself and those around you. Before learning how to use weapons, you must learn how to be a weapon. Again, The Primal Method is about preparing for the highest priority things first. Home invasions, active shooters, rape attacks, and hostile environments following natural disasters. These are the things that we must be ready for today. Unless you live deep in the uncharted wilderness, these evils are very real and increasing day by day. This is why, for the majority of the world, hand-to-hand combatives skills would prove more useful in the modern age than primitive shelter-building skills. While they are both important, one is statistically more likely to be needed today for most of us. So, before we learn to fight with guns and knives, we learn to fight with our bodies. If you can shoot a gun, but can’t throw hands, your foundation is backward.

Now that you have become a weapon from layer 3, you can enhance your ability to fight with force-multiplying tools such as Guns, Blades, Sticks, Spears, Bows, etc. The real world has no rules and your enemies will use whatever they can to cause harm to you. There’s no such thing as a fair fight in the real world so you need to learn how to maintain the advantage to ensure survival.

Layer 5 - PREPPING
Now that the mind and body are savage, and you know how to defend yourself, your family, and those around you from the higher priority threats, it’s time to prepare for tough times. This layer is all about building up your defenses and self-sustainment abilities. From the storage of gear, medical supplies, food, and water, to the setup of alternative energy systems. Prepping is about never being in the position to need and not have. Learn about your gear, cybersecurity, home defense, communications, homesteading, and DIY projects. You need to become the epitome of the word “resourceful”.

When it comes to this word, most people picture a man running in the jungle building friction fires, and shelters, and eating raw fish with his bare hands. While this is cool, it’s not really the reality in the modern world. There are very few societies still living this way, and they do so by choice. However, these skills are still very vital for your preparedness. The problem is that this is where most people begin. They grab a bug-out bag and start learning how to make fires and build shelters while they neglect their foundations. They are preparing for lower priorities and that’s why The Primal Method was created. To give the people a logical system to follow. Now that you have the skills to defend, a hardened mind and body, and the preps to keep you going, the objective is serious skill-building. Bushcraft, Tradecraft, Fieldcraft, and Advanced First Aid. From hunting, fishing, and making tools from nature, to escape & evasion. The goal is to learn tactics that keep you alive and prepared for danger in hostile or primitive environments whether urban or wilderness.

"The Primal Method" has already garnered significant attention from readers and experts alike. Early reviews praise Primal's ability to blend practical advice with motivational insights, making the book an engaging and transformative read. With its unique approach, the book has the potential to become a game-changer in the field of preparedness. Ian Talbert is a highly respected figure in the preparedness community, known for his expertise in survival skills, personal development, and leadership. With "The Primal Method," he aims to share his knowledge and empower individuals to take control of their lives, embrace their primal instincts, and prosper in any situation.

If the book wasn't enough. Ian also owns and operates MASK Tactical. Which is a survival education and preparedness training operation focused on helping the members of their Warrior Tribe excel in life and unlock optimal preparedness levels by following The Primal Method's teachings. "The Primal Method" is now available for purchase right now in all formats and on major online platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information about Ian Talbert and his book, please visit his personal site or you can also check out

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