Tier5 wins prestigious ‘Two Comma Club’ awards for the second time in a row

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USA News PR October 16, 2023
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Tier5 wins prestigious   ‘Two Comma Club’ awards for the second time in a row

Tier5 wins prestigious ‘Two Comma Club’ awards for the second time in a row

The award is given as a recognition by ClickFunnels

Kolkata (India), October, 16, 2023 ( - Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a product-based software development company from Kolkata, India with an additional office in USA, won the prestigious ‘Two Comma Club’ recognition in an event recently. This is a very special award given to entrepreneurs and business houses by ClickFunnels, an online sales funnel builder. Tier5 won multiple 2 CC award for the products and their performances, which made them a steady and sustainable source for revenue generation.

Tier5 started it’s journey in January 2016 as a service-based company. However, from 2018, the company shifted it’s modas operandi and became a product-based company. Currently, Tier5 has over 30 software products, most of which are built with ClickFunnels’ built.

“Being a member of Two Comma Club is a milestone for Tier5. Especially because, we are getting this recognition twice in a row this time. This is actually a recognition for the relentless effort that our entire team puts in on a regular basis” said Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Co-founder / Managing Director, Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Currently, we have more than 30 softwares that are loved by over 15,000 customers globally. Needless to say, getting multiple Two Commas Club award is a reinforcement of the fact that technology is indeed the best gift of the current time. With the help of technology, business houses and entrepreneurs can generate leads in an automated way and increase their revenue. Tier5 specializes in making user-friendly and super effective organic marketing products, using which entrepreneurs can take complete charge of their time and earn more” said Mr. Jon Vaughn, Founder & CEO of Tier5.

For more details about Tier5 products, please visit - or you can directly reach Jon / Aunkita by mailing them at [email protected] or [email protected]

About Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. -

Tier5 is a product-based software development company headquartered in Indiana, USA with an additional office in Kolkata, India.

It is the first- ever community -owned and operated software development firm, specializing in making innovative, and user-friendly products that enable the business owners to attain more clients and grow their business simultaneously.

The company started its journey in January 2016 from a small room in Kolkata, without any clients, and even with rented computers. However, with the passion, zeal and knowledge of the founders of the company, Ms. Jon Vaughn, CEO and Ms. Aunkita Nandi, Managing Director within a very short time span the company has achieved more than 30+ own software products that are helping over 15,000 customers globally. From a 2 member team, Tier5 is currently a team of 90+ talented professionals who are working relentlessly to bring out the best softwares that can help the entrepreneurs and business houses to grow their businesses. For any information, please contact- Ms. Rupanwita Roy PR Specialist Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mob - +91 8017132128 Email - [email protected]


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