AdFixus Weighs In on Google’s Privacy Sandbox and Related Website Sets API

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USA News PR October 11, 2023
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AdFixus Weighs In on Google’s Privacy Sandbox and Related Website Sets API

AdFixus Weighs In on Google’s Privacy Sandbox and Related Website Sets API

SYDNEY , October 11, 2023 ( - Recently, AdFixus was honoured to join a session alongside local industry leaders at Google's Sydney offices to delve into the much-discussed Google Privacy Sandbox initiative and the Related Website Sets (RWS) API. Following this session, the AdFixus team is offering its expert insights on these recent technological developments and their implications for the industry.

About Google’s Privacy Sandbox and RWS

Privacy Sandbox is a notable initiative by Google designed to address the industry-wide phasing out of 3rd party cookies and related invasive technologies. The RWS API, a core feature of this initiative, is designed to permit limited access to third-party cookies across diverse websites. This is achieved by allowing companies to publicly acknowledge relationships between their owned sites.

AdFixus's Perspective

While AdFixus acknowledges the positive strides made by Google in this direction, they highlight several challenges in the current approach:

Limited Scope: RWS is primarily intended for non-ads use-cases and is only available for Chrome users. As a result, businesses looking to address the challenges brought about by 3rd party cookie deprecation need to look beyond RWS to cater to all browser users.
  1. Domain Limitations: With RWS, organizations can only declare relationships for up to five associated domains, compelling companies with more than five domains to seek broader solutions.

  2. Not the Only Solution: AdFixus emphasizes that RWS is just one out of sixteen Privacy Sandbox APIs. Therefore, a well-rounded approach is essential for effectively tackling all the challenges arising from the deprecation of 3rd party cookies.

  3. Not an Industry-Wide Solution: RWS is solely a Google-centric solution and does not necessarily align with a "privacy-legislation" based strategy required for a privacy-first internet without 3rd party cookies.

AdFixus advises against considering RWS as the one-stop solution for 3rd party cookie deprecation challenges, especially concerning advertising, measurement, and user identification.

The AdFixus Approach

In response to the evolving landscape, AdFixus champions a holistic approach. Their strategy prioritizes:

  • Broad Browser Support: Solutions that cater to all browsers, not just Chrome.

  • Unlimited Domain Implementation: Platforms without restrictions on the number of owned domains.

  • Privacy-First Strategy: Ensuring solutions are in line with evolving privacy legislation and browser privacy protocols.

  • Ownership & Control: Encouraging businesses to adopt solutions they can own fully without relying on external 3rd parties.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Strategies that look beyond just cross-site cookie challenges and into the wider data-sharing ecosystem.

In conclusion, AdFixus believes in a comprehensive, adaptive strategy that helps businesses navigate the rapidly changing world of online privacy, ensuring long-term viability and user trust.

About AdFixus

AdFixus is a leading player in the digital ecosystem, offering expert insights and solutions to help businesses adapt to technological advancements and changes in online privacy.

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