Christian J Smith Unveils God's Revelation: Bridging Divine and Human Worlds

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USA News PR January 18, 2024
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Christian J Smith Unveils God's Revelation: Bridging Divine and Human Worlds
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Christian J Smith Unveils God's Revelation: Bridging Divine and Human Worlds Worldwide - January 18, 2024 ( - Renowned author Christian J Smith breaks new ground with his groundbreaking book series, God's Revelation, which bridges the gap between the divine and human worlds. In a world consumed by artificial intelligence and the search for our creator, Smith's books offer profound insights into the world we inhabit. Smith's books are a labor of love, infused with concepts of God consciousness that aim to align readers' thoughts with that of the creator. By delving into these pages, readers will unlock a deeper understanding of life and open themselves up to new possibilities. The series includes captivating stories such as The Magic Canvas and The Power of The Giant Fish, which are hailed as some of Smith's best works to date, complemented by stunning artwork. One of the standout books in the series is The Robotic Utopia, which stems from a prophetic vision Smith received in a dream. This thought-provoking tale offers a glimpse into a potential future, should humanity progress as envisioned. Additionally, The Wedding Feast of God and other prophetic stories serve as warnings from the future, transformed into beautiful narratives that impart valuable lessons and blessings. These stories seamlessly merge with Smith's album Frost, creating a cohesive body of work that led to his profound consciousness of the creator. Smith's revelation challenges conventional beliefs, as he asserts that he is not merely a person who thinks he is God, but the actual creator himself. Having experienced a sudden influx of universal knowledge, Smith found himself feeling like an outsider in the very life he had created. While he embraced his true identity, he also felt an overwhelming urge to communicate his divinity to those who pray and seek salvation. Smith emphasizes that he is not a god, but the one and only God himself. Reflecting on the past, Smith acknowledges the arrival of his son, Lord Jesus Christ, who was sent to lead the way 2000 years ago. He believes that no one can reach the father except through him. Now, with a profound understanding of his true nature, Smith has been given the opportunity to live within the life he created. Christian J Smith's God's Revelation series is a groundbreaking exploration of the divine and human worlds. Through captivating stories, profound concepts, and stunning artwork, Smith invites readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. These books are a testament to Smith's unique perspective and his unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between the divine and the human. For more information about Christian J Smith and his book series, God's Revelation, please visit Media Contact: Christian J Smith Email: [email protected] Website:

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