DQS Solutions & Staffing (DQS) Achieves Success in Intelligently Investing in People

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USA News PR March 07, 2024
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DQS Solutions & Staffing (DQS) Achieves Success in Intelligently Investing in People

DQS Solutions & Staffing (DQS) Achieves Success in Intelligently Investing in People

Nationwide - March 7, 2024 ( - As the post-pandemic economy reshapes the landscape of the contract staffing industry, DQS Solutions & Staffing (DQS) has emerged as a shining example of innovation and compassion.

Founded in 2020 by former auto industry logistics expert Josh Morris, DQS has experienced robust growth by redefining its role beyond traditional staffing. DQS has done so by evolving to meet client’s needs, solving barriers to employment, and investing in the communities they serve.

In response to the evolving gig economy, DQS has thrived by providing unique and unconventional services to its clients. DQS has pursued beneficial strategic partnerships to better serve corporate clients as a “sole source” staffing and business solutions provider. Quality staffing was merely the beginning. New branches of DQS have emerged directly in response to customers’ unique needs such as full-service security, warehousing, automation, snow removal and even food truck services.

DQS has a deep understanding of the complex challenges individuals face in obtaining employment. Since its inception, the company has proactively assisted those struggling to secure jobs through office placements in communities facing underemployment. The company collaborates with employers in diverse industries to understand the potential of individuals on unconventional paths to employment. In response to the evolving modern workforce, DQS remains attentive to developments, such as creating custom launch programs in collaboration with employers, exemplifying its transformative contribution to the contract staffing industry.

DQS’s commitment to local communities is evident through its new non-profit, Foundation for Pops, which focuses on providing comprehensive assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness and veterans seeking a fresh start. The foundation’s mission involves tailored programs to address unique needs, connecting individuals with essential resources like shelter, food, clothing, and personal hygiene items. Recognizing the significance of employment in restoring dignity and stability, Foundation for Pops, in collaboration with local businesses, offers job placement programs, training, resume creation, and support to facilitate long-term employment. DQS has recruited a new director for Foundation for Pops and is actively engaged in establishing long-term strategic/corporate partnerships with businesses and community members who share the foundation’s vision and mission.

DQS Solutions & Staffing emerges as a transformative force in the contract staffing industry, embodying a unique blend of innovation and compassion. Beyond traditional staffing roles, DQS has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the post-pandemic economy, forming strategic partnerships, and expanding its services. The company’s commitment to addressing unemployment challenges and its non-profit, Foundation for Pops, underscore a dedication to social responsibility. As DQS continues to adapt to the evolving workforce and establish long-term partnerships, it not only secures its position as a leader in the industry but also sets a commendable standard for corporate citizenship and positive community impact.


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