Digital Marketing Strategy Calls by Abi Togunde-Sanders

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USA News PR July 28, 2023
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Digital Marketing Strategy Calls by Abi Togunde-Sanders
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tech Consultant Abi Togunde-Sanders Launches Personalized Digital Marketing Strategy Call Service for Business Owners Worldwide, July 28, 2023 ( - Michigan-based technology consultant and digital marketer, Abi Togunde-Sanders, is excited to announce the launch of her personalized digital marketing strategy call service for business owners. With over 10 years of experience in the tech space, Abi is dedicated to helping businesses build strategic marketing campaigns and systems using technology and automation. Abi understands the importance of a fresh perspective and actionable plan when it comes to digital marketing. That's why she is offering 1-on-1 Digital Marketing Strategy Calls to provide specific, actionable advice to business owners looking to move forward with their digital marketing efforts. During these personalized calls, participants will have the opportunity to share their challenges, ask questions, and receive expert advice to guide their marketing path forward. By the end of the call, business owners will feel confident in their ability to grow their brand. The 1-on-1 digital marketing strategy calls with Abi will cover a range of topics, including researching consumer behaviors, identifying the right marketing platforms, developing a digital marketing strategy, and unique marketing methods for lead generation. Additionally, participants will receive bonus insights into Abi’s profitable systems and strategies for generating leads and website traffic. Business owners can choose between a 30-minute call for $249 or a 60-minute call for $499. Abi recommends the 60-minute call for new entrepreneurs to allow for more time for Q&A. Upon booking and payment, participants will receive an email or text with the link for the video call, as well as a reminder on the day of the call. Abi will also conduct industry research prior to the call to provide tailored advice. The personalized digital marketing strategy calls will be launching on August 1, 2023. 

To learn more about the structure of the call and to book a session, visit About Abi Togunde-Sanders:
Abi is a technology consultant and digital marketer based in Michigan. With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, she owns Classy Technology agency, where she helps businesses build strategic marketing campaigns and systems using technology and automation. Abi also creates educational ebooks and courses to teach others how to utilize tech for solid processes and lifestyles. For media inquiries, please contact: Abi Togunde-Sanders Email: [email protected] Phone: 313-324-6453

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