Dungeon Masta Joins POPM ENT INC. Management Roster

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USA News PR June 03, 2024
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Dungeon Masta Joins POPM ENT INC. Management Roster
For Immediate Release **POPM ENT INC. Signs Dungeon Masta, Legendary Hip-Hop Artist and Producer, to Management Deal** New York, NY, - June 3, 2024 ( - POPM ENT INC. is thrilled to announce the recent signing of Dungeon Masta, the renowned rapper and producer, to their management roster. Dungeon Masta, closely associated with the legendary hip-hop group Brooklyn Zu and the Wu-Tang Clan Management and ethos under the mentorship of Popa Wu R.I.P. With that being said Dungeon Masta brings a wealth of talent and experience to the label. With this new partnership, Dungeon Masta will also be represented by Gus King George for management and I.S.B. & V.N.T. INC for Sony Orchard distribution. For booking inquiries, please contact Gus King George at [email protected]. Dungeon Masta's music embodies a gritty and hardcore aesthetic that is truly unique. Known for his raw and unfiltered approach, his lyrics delve into street life, personal struggles, and triumphs. His production style features dark, atmospheric beats layered with soul, funk, and rock influences, creating a sound that is unmistakably his own.

Born and raised on the tough streets of Brooklyn, NY, Dungeon Masta has used his life experiences as inspiration for his music. As a key member of the Wu-Tang family, he has collaborated with various artists and groups, solidifying his place in the hip-hop community. In addition to his solo work, Dungeon Masta is a founding member of Dirty Clanzmen, Morbid Society, and L.T.Z. (Loonie Tunz), showcasing his versatility and talent as an artist and collaborator. POPM ENT INC. is excited to support Dungeon Masta in this new chapter of his career and looks forward to working closely with him to bring his music to new heights. Dungeon Masta's new single "MY STORY / DA BUSINESS" is set for release on all platforms on July 4th, 2024. This highly anticipated release promises to captivate audiences with Dungeon Masta's signature style and lyrical prowess.

For more information and updates on Dungeon Masta, follow him on social media and stay tuned for the release of "MY STORY / DA BUSINESS" on July 4th, 2024. Contact: Gus King George - [email protected] About POPM ENT INC: POPM ENT INC. is a leading music label dedicated to supporting and promoting talented artists in the hip-hop industry. With a focus on artistic integrity and creativity, the label aims to bring authentic and innovative music to audiences worldwide.

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