Emmanuel Fritz Paret: Haitian-American Billionaire Revolutionizing Industries across North, South & Latin America

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USA News PR January 04, 2024
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Emmanuel Fritz Paret:  Haitian-American Billionaire Revolutionizing Industries across North, South & Latin America

Emmanuel Fritz Paret: Haitian-American Billionaire Revolutionizing Industries across North, South & Latin America

Worldwide - January 4, 2024 ( -

Emmanuel Paret, the trailblazing entrepreneur, is leaving an indelible mark on industries worldwide with transformative ventures that transcend continents and redefine traditional business landscapes. His expansive portfolio encompasses real estate, oil drilling, hotels, ports, and the groundbreaking construction of a state-of-the-art oil refinery in Haiti. Paret's journey is a testament to visionary leadership and strategic insight that resonates across global economic landscapes.

In the dynamic realm of international entrepreneurship, Emmanuel Paret stands as a visionary force, steering Haiti and other locales toward a future marked by sustainable development and economic prosperity. Spanning a rich history dating back to 2008, Paret's diverse ventures transcend conventional business dealings, embodying a dedication to ethical practices and community impact that transcends geographical boundaries.

Billionaire entrepreneur Emmanuel Paret's trajectory is marked by a deliberate and diversified approach to wealth creation. His experience transcends from a heritage of mining for generations, starting in the 1980s, with groundbreaking real estate ventures, dynamic oil drilling operations, innovative hotel endeavors, and strategic port investments. Paret has strategically positioned himself as a leader with a unique ability to discern opportunities that redefine the global business narrative.

Paret's strategic entry into the mining sector revolves around thoughtful investments in limestone calcium carbonate mining, a pivotal resource extensively utilized in construction both in Haiti and the United States. As the sole controller and owner of a 100% stake in Haiti's Fond Parisien calcium carbonate mine, Paret Mining LLC boasts reserves totaling 2.7 billion tons, valued at over 90 billion USD. Since 2018, production rates have consistently surpassed 5,000 tons per day, showcasing Paret's mining operations' fusion of business acumen and a commitment to global industry progress.

Breaking new ground, Paret Mining's most exclusive endeavor is the stateside open-pit Tar Sand mining operation in Kentucky. Secured through an exclusive opportunity presented at the Eastern Oil Shale Symposium sponsored by the University of Kentucky Institute for Mining and Minerals Research and endorsed by the Kentucky Energy Cabinet, Paret stands unrivaled. Notably, this opportunity is so unique that even major oil and gas conglomerates find it inaccessible, positioning Paret as an industry trailblazer.

The Kentucky project is paramount in ensuring the United States and its refineries maintain a consistent Tar Sand Oil supply, reducing over-reliance on Canadian or other international suppliers. With reserves exceeding 3 billion barrels, as substantiated by the Kentucky Research Institute, Paret's strategic foresight cements his legacy in the energy sector.

In addition to his mining endeavors, Emmanuel Paret is the proprietor of Paret Hospitality Group S.A.; an esteemed Hilton hotelier. His triumphs in the hospitality sector not only speak to financial accomplishments but also underscore the trust vested in him by the renowned American hotel chain. Owning Kaliko Beach Resort and multiple Hilton locations throughout the USA, Paret's extensive experience uniquely positions him as a leader in both international and domestic markets.

Moreover, Paret Mining stands as a major player by owning one of the largest shipping ports in Barhona, Dominican Republic, and holds the largest position in the port of Gonaives, Haiti. These strategic port investments further solidify Paret's influence in facilitating international trade and commerce, underlining his commitment to driving economic growth in the region.

Over the next five years, Paret envisions expanding these ventures, steadfast in his commitment to sustainability, job creation, and community impact. This forward-looking approach propels Haiti and other regions toward economic development and sustainability. The establishment of a cutting-edge refinery in Haiti serves as a cornerstone for future prosperity, aligning seamlessly with Paret's broader vision to refine Haiti's economic landscape.

As a recognized Hilton hotelier owner, Paret upholds the high standards associated with the Hilton brand. His triumphs have garnered investments from distinguished American investment bankers and hedge funds, setting the stage for increased U.S. funding and a reshaped local business panorama. Expressing heartfelt gratitude, Paret recognizes the steadfast support of the Haitian Government and all associates pivotal to the triumph of his ventures.

In Paret's own words, "My dedication goes beyond profit; it's about creating a legacy of positive change." With over two decades of business excellence, Emmanuel Paret continues to be a driving force for positive change, exemplifying that sustained success, impactful entrepreneurship, and robust ethical practices can indeed coalesce, shaping a brighter tomorrow for Haiti's future and global prosperity.

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