Eric Rawn Leads Xobee Networks to Record Growth

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USA News PR April 18, 2024
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Eric Rawn Leads Xobee Networks to Record Growth

Eric Rawn Leads Xobee Networks to Record Growth Fresno, CA - April 18, 2024 ( - Eric Rawn, Founder and President of Xobee Networks, has led the company to record growth, solidifying its position as one of California’s most advanced network consulting firms. With over 25 years of leadership, Eric has propelled Xobee Networks to become a premier provider of technology solutions and support for organizations across the state. Under Eric’s guidance, Xobee Networkshas achieved unprecedented revenue growth and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America by prestigious publications such as Inc. Magazine and Lead 411. Eric’s exceptional leadership in the technology industry has also earned him accolades such as Business Street’s “40 Under 40” award. In addition to his success with BCT, Eric has expanded his entrepreneurial ventures by creating Xobee Communications, a telecommunications provider, and launching Bulldog Chairs, an exclusive executive chair company. He has also been instrumental in the founding of Electronic Recyclers International, Inc., the largest electronic waste recycler in the United States. Eric’s commitment to education and community involvement is evident through his support of Fresno State University, where he earned his degree in Business Administration – Information Technology. As an Alumnus, Eric has actively participated in various programs and initiatives at the university, including serving on advisory boards and mentoring students. Through his leadership and innovative vision, Eric Rawn has not only transformed Xobee Networks into a powerhouse in the technology industry but has also made a significant impact on the community and education sector. His dedication to excellence and passion for driving growth and success have set a new standard for leadership in the field. For more information about Eric Rawn and Xobee Networks, visit

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