Heila Accelerates Into Slovenian Market With a New Car Dealership

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USA News PR August 29, 2023
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Heila Accelerates Into Slovenian Market With a New Car Dealership


Heila Accelerates Into Slovenian Market With a New Car Dealership

Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, August 29, 2023 ( - ORSA TIM d.o.o., Slovenia's leading distributor of promotional home and car air fresheners and importer of Shake air fresheners, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a related business venture, a Slovenian car dealership named Heila.

As an industry leader in car air fresheners, ORSA TIM d.o.o is expanding its footprint in the automotive industry with the launch of a car dealership.

This move is seen as a strategic merger of two related industries, aiming to provide a comprehensive and unique car-purchasing experience to its customers.

"Our primary aim is to deliver quality products and services that exceed the consumers' expectations and needs," said Tanja, the owner of ORSA TIM d.o.o. "The opening of a car dealership allows us to broaden our operation into the secondary car market. We see this venture as a great opportunity to bring a new level of excellence to the used car industry in Slovenia."

Heila will not simply be a used car dealership. Its close association with ORSA TIM d.o.o. will ensure a bespoke experience for customers - they can expect to step into a world of luxury where cars smell like new, thanks to the premium range of ORSA TIM's air fresheners. The dealership is set to revolutionize the concept of pre-owned Slovenian cars.

This innovative approach is set to redefine the used car industry in Slovenia, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction above all else. The presence of a dealer of this stature will undoubtedly impact the market, pushing other players to raise their standards and improve the overall industry.


Based in Slovenia, ORSA TIM d.o.o. has been in the market for over 10 years and is known for its high-quality promotional car air fresheners and is the importer of "Shake" car and home air fresheners. ORSA TIM d.o.o. runs some of the largest Slovenian e-commerce air freshener stores, including and

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