Is Explicit Roc the next big thing?

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USA News PR May 07, 2024
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Is Explicit Roc the next big thing?
Is Explicit Roc the next big thing?

Growing up in a small town named Alexandria, Explicit Roc, known as Rodquez, used to rap at the lunch table with his friends. Believe it or not, Roc was the worst freestyler of the group. Having absolutely no rhythm with dancing, it’s a wonder how he came out so uncoordinated. Listening to Lil Jon and the East Side Boys, he naturally caught an ear for Crunk music. After high school, he continued freestyling and met Sir Slum, with whom he later started the rap group CKG. After recording himself for the first time, he loved the sound of his voice; it was deep and full of potential. Since then, he made it his life mission to be the best artist he can be. Having the "New Kings of Crunk" title taken from him, Explicit Roc set his journey to become the king of freak music. With a variety of styles, songs come in bunches from this rapper. Explicit Roc is now considered the hardest working underground rapper in the South.

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