Krieight Bringing New Frothy Cold Calling Strategy to Dutch Bros

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USA News PR October 12, 2023
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Krieight Bringing New Frothy Cold Calling Strategy to Dutch Bros
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Krieight Bringing New Frothy Cold Calling Strategy to Dutch Bros Las Vegas, NV, October 12, 2023 ( - Krieight, a leading creative growth agency, has a fresh new cold calling strategy to energize revenue growth for coffee giant Dutch Bros. "We're perfecting a cold calling recipe to align with Dutch Bros' brand and business needs," said Kacee Hancock, owner at Krieight. "We immersed ourselves in the Dutch Bros experience – the joy, the community, the quality. Our strategy will showcase offerings while increasing growth metrics through meaningful connections, and delight people with the human touch Dutch Bros is known for." Key ingredients in Krieight's cold calling strategy include: - Persona-targeted call scripts optimized for quality conversations - Top calling talent with the charm of Dutch Bros' team members - Sequenced multichannel follow-ups for genuine relationship building - AI-powered analytics to track KPIs and refine approaches This innovative formula stimulates new opportunities through dialogue, boosting acquisition and revenue growth. But what makes it truly unique is Krieight’s reinventing of calling for the modern consumer. “Most coffee brands rely on the same conventional tactics,” explained Kacee Hancock. “But we know how effective cold calling can be when done right. We have something truly new to offer companies like Dutch Bros.” This blend of human insight and digital optimization gives Dutch Bros cold calling that provides delightful brand experiences, not just sales enablement. Will this innovative cold calling recipe have people cheering like the arrival of a new Dutch Bros location? Krieight believes it's their most satisfying brew yet.
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