LeadGen App: Revolutionizing Lead Generation with Highly Personalized Online Forms

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USA News PR February 09, 2024
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LeadGen App: Revolutionizing Lead Generation with Highly Personalized Online Forms

Marketing Software LeadGen App Launches Revolutionary Feature for Personalizing Digital Lead Generation

London, United Kingdom; February 9th 2024 ( -
LeadGen App, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking new feature: Multiple Form Endings.

This innovative feature is designed to revolutionize online lead generation forms and provide digital marketers with the tools they need to create highly personalized and effective lead forms.
With Multiple Form Endings, users can now create lead forms that send users to different thank you screens based on various criteria.
LeadGen App is an established provider in the online form software space, providing marketers with highly flexible form design and lead management options, incl. multi step form builder, address autocomplete fields, CRM integrations, partial lead insights, A/B testing and more.

The new Multiple Form Endings feature includes answer choices, visitor type, and lead quality scoring. By tailoring the form journey based on these factors, website visitors can receive highly personalized content, resulting in increased chances of converting leads to sales.

"We are thrilled to introduce Multiple Form Endings to our users," said Christopher Lier, CMO of LeadGen App. "This feature opens up a world of possibilities for digital marketers, allowing them to create unique and personalized form journeys that resonate with their audience. We believe this will significantly improve lead generation efforts and drive better results for businesses."

The Multiple Form Endings feature was officially released on February 8th, 2024. It is available to users of LeadGen App on the Scale and Enteprise Plans and represents a significant opportunity for B2B lead generation marketers and businesses utilizing online enquiry forms. Here's how the feature works: - Answer-Based Endings: Users can guide their audience to different final pages based on their answers, allowing for tailored experiences and customized content. This segmentation capability enables marketers to target different personas effectively.
- Visitor-Based Endings: By routing users to distinct final pages based on their location and other criteria, marketers can effortlessly segment their audience according to various personas. This advanced segmentation capability takes personalization to the next level. "We've designed Multiple Form Endings to streamline workflow and make form creation even more intuitive and efficient," added Lier. " This feature has been highly anticipants and we've listened to our users' needs and developed this feature with their requirements in mind. We can't wait for them to try it out and experience the benefits firsthand."
Multiple Form Endings is available in LeadGen App's Scale plan, offering answer-based endings. For those looking to take their segmentation efforts even further, the Enterprise plan provides both answer-based and visitor-based endings, enabling advanced segmentation capabilities for a truly personalized user journey.
To learn more about LeadGen App and its revolutionary Multiple Form Endings feature, visit Upgrade to the Scale or Enterprise plan today to unlock the full benefits of this game-changing feature. About LeadGen App:
LeadGen App is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, specializing in lead generation and conversion optimization. With a suite of powerful tools and features, LeadGen App helps businesses maximize their online lead generation efforts and drive better results.
Press Contact: [email protected] LeadGen App

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