Learn to live like a secret agent!

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USA News PR March 23, 2024
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Learn to live like a secret agent!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Best-selling author P.J. Agness launches Learn Spycraft Substack for self-defense and empowerment. Live like a secret agent! Worldwide - March 23, 2024 ( - Best-selling author and Archangel Protective Intelligence founder P.J. Agness has just made it even more accessible for anyone to learn the skills of elite spies with a new Substack, Learn Spycraft. Learn Spycraft is a subscription-based platform where subscribers can access exclusive content on spycraft skills for self-defense and personal empowerment. From surveillance techniques to self-defense tactics, subscribers will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of elite spies and live like a secret agent. P.J. Agness, a renowned expert in the field of intelligence and security, is excited to share his knowledge and expertise with a wider audience through Learn Spycraft. "I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves and feel empowered in any situation. With Learn Spycraft, I hope to provide people with the tools they need to live confidently and securely," said Agness. Subscribers to Learn Spycraft will receive regular updates, tips, and tutorials on a wide range of spycraft skills, all curated by P.J. Agness himself. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal safety or simply want to learn to navigate life like a spy, Learn Spycraft has something for everyone. To subscribe to Learn Spycraft and start living like a secret agent, visit today.
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