Lighting the Path to Yoga: Uncover the Foundations with 'Ignite' at 11Exhale!

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USA News PR September 26, 2023
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Lighting the Path to Yoga: Uncover the Foundations with 'Ignite' at 11Exhale!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ignite Your Yoga Journey with 11Exhale: Introducing the 'Ignite' Workshops for Absolute Beginners Orange County, CA, September 26, 2023 ( - Orange County's Premier Yoga Academy Showcases its Unique 'Ignite' Program and Monthly Workshop, Designed Especially for Newcomers Orange County, California, September 26, 2023 ( - 11Exhale Yoga Academy, a beacon of yoga excellence in Orange County, proudly presents its pioneering offering: the 'Ignite' program for absolute beginners. With a precise focus on laying a strong foundation, 'Ignite' promises newcomers an immersive experience into the world of yoga. About the 'Ignite' Program: 11Exhale’s 'Ignite' isn’t just another beginner’s program. It encapsulates essential yoga poses, fundamental breathing exercises, and the guiding philosophy behind yoga. Crafted to make yoga intuitive and engaging for beginners, 'Ignite' breaks down the very essence of this timeless discipline. Special Two-Hour Monthly Workshop: In addition to the regular studio classes, the program boasts an exclusive two-hour workshop held monthly, allowing participants to dive deeper and fine-tune their practice. Benefits of the 'Ignite' Program: Participants will experience: - Comprehensive insight into key yoga postures and their myriad benefits. - Development of body consciousness and initiation into the mind-body harmony. - A strong foundation to confidently explore advanced classes. - The signature touch of 11Exhale’s vast experience in yoga. Julianne Arce, 11Exhale's Visionary Founder Shares: "At 11Exhale, our philosophy revolves around inclusivity in yoga. The 'Ignite' program is our testament to providing beginners a nurturing environment to commence their yoga voyage, ensuring they embrace the practice's true essence." Program Details: - Launch Date: October 14th, 2023 - Duration: Monthly dedicated sessions - Venue: 11Exhale Yoga Academy, Laguna Beach, California - Enrollment: - Special Incentive: Experience your first class absolutely free! From its humble beginnings in Washington state, 11Exhale Yoga Academy has grown, embedding its presence in Southern California. Julianne Arce's dream and dedication can be felt in every facet of 11Exhale Yoga Academy. Esteemed for its broad spectrum of yoga teachings and meaningful workshops, the academy is a beacon for those seeking authentic, life-altering yoga connections.

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