Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch, Celebrates 400th Episode of Top Real Estate Investing Podcast

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USA News PR December 16, 2023
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Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch, Celebrates 400th Episode of Top Real Estate Investing Podcast

Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing Podcast Celebrates Milestone with 400th Episode

Nationwide - December 16, 2023 ( -The 400th episode of the podcast "Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing," has hit the airwaves. The "Best of 2023" episode, is a curated collection of the year's most impactful and insightful moments, guiding listeners towards financial independence through multifamily real estate investing.

Since its inception in 2014, the podcast has garnered a loyal following with hundreds of ratings on Apple Podcasts. Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch have become synonymous with expert advice in apartment building investing, having hosted a wide array of industry experts, seasoned investors, and successful entrepreneurs. Their interviews delve into various aspects of real estate, business, and investment strategies, offering listeners invaluable keys to achieving success and financial freedom.

In honor of our 400th episode, we wanted to share a few other amazing thought leader guests who contributed to value-packed episodes in 2023.

Faisal Ensuan

Certified High Performance Coach and Co-Founder of Coaching Mastery Community

Quote: I learned the hard way how my achievements were taking me further from my own real dreams.

Faisal Ensuan is an experienced coach who has worked with a wide range of individuals, including students, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, and executives. He has been a certified High Performance coach since 2015 and often appears on podcasts and events to help people explore their potential and vision. Faisal co-founded the Coaching Mastery Community, where he trains other coaches. He also leads the Space Creators Community, offering weekly group coaching sessions focused on personal development and helping people unlock their potential.


Dr. Sheri Fluellen

Psychologist and Certified High Performance Coach

Quote: When you make intentional and aware decisions about who you are, what you want, why you want it, and how to pursue it, you'll find a richness in life you didn't know existed.

Dr. Sheri Fleullen is a psychologist and a Certified High Performance Coach, working largely with real estate investors to help them maximize their life contribution through the financial benefits of real estate investing. She leads an investing mastermind with her husband, JP, and is co-director of the Cheyenne Real Estate Investors Association. She is also an owner and leader in the Coaching Mastery Community, which is an international organization dedicated to helping coaches grow in their mastery of coaching and business.


Joseph Kimbrough

CEO and Founder of Apex REI, Fund Manager

Quote: Instead of being the only person syndicating and saying, ‘This is my only thing and I need to be the head guy in charge,’ I say, ‘let me find the best syndicators,’ and I can actually invest in all of their properties.

From ruling the basketball court to defending the nation as a US Marine, Joseph Kimbrough has always pursued excellence. He was a seasoned deal finder when he stepped into his role as a fund manager. Beyond his professional achievements with Apex Real Estate Investments, he has a deep-rooted passion for East Africa, where he travels regularly. With expertise spanning deal acquisitions, capital raising, and public speaking, Joseph is a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.


Marc Rutzen

Co-Founder and CEO of

Quote: Everyone's looking at the same data; they're just slicing and dicing in different ways and spending a ton of time getting it into the format to actually analyze. In the era of AI, you don't have to speculate about what drove pricing or what risk factors are; you can use AI to determine these things or point you in the right direction, at least.

Marc Rutzen is an innovative thinker at the crossroads of real estate and technology. He is the co-founder and CEO of, a game-changing platform that uses data science to transform the world of PropTech. With a background in real estate development, brokerage, and consulting, Marc has been instrumental in shaping the future of real estate investing.


Camilla Jeffs


Quote: You have the power to inspire countless people simply by choosing to silence your fears and do what you love.

Camilla Jeffs is a mom of five, serial entrepreneur, and investment enthusiast who is dedicated to helping women make their first million. Her experiences as an introverted investor not only help her grow; they inspire others to chase their own dreams and see what is possible for themselves.


Mandy Mcallister


Quote: Find your voice, and success will follow.

Mandy McAllister is a multifamily real estate investor, mindset ninja, eternal learner, coach, and connector. Her passions are multidimensional; she is an advocate for empowering women through her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More, and helps others define their path to financial freedom through her investing entity, Good Fortune Capital.


Chris Pomerleau

Co-Founder of LeavenWealth Capital

Quote: As the business grew - and I hate this phrase, only because it’s used so much, but I actually live it - I realized that I needed to start working more ON my business than IN my business.

As a lawyer, Chris guided his clients through some of life's most challenging crossroads. Today, as the co-founder of LeavenWealth Capital, he oversees an impressive $211 million in assets, including more than 2,500 multifamily units. At the heart of his investment strategy is a passion for creating opportunities that offer both profit and purpose. Chris's story is one of dedication, resilience, and partnership.


Nicole Gauthier

Founder of Wicked Holdings LLC

Quote: I knew that to see myself as an operator of these multifamily deals, I needed to know what it looked like to be on the other side of the table, especially when dealing with investors or raising capital. It gave me peace of mind to start on the LP side.

Nicole Gauthier is on a mission to help everyone achieve financial success. She offers busy professionals the opportunity to earn passive income through investing in multifamily.


Ross Hamilton

Exiting Founder of Connected Investors

Quote: Whenever you're building a company, building it to sell is important. You're either building it to sell or you're building it to step out of. You always should be trying to eliminate yourself over time, because no matter how much you love to do something, at some point, you may not be able to do it.

From running stunts on a BMX bike to flipping houses to pulling off one of the largest real estate tech exits, Ross Hamilton is a trailblazing investor who flipped the script and is now on a mission to disrupt affordable housing. An innovator and philanthropist, he now champions affordable housing solutions through philanthro-capitalism.


Jon Jasniak

Owner, Jaz Land LLC

Quote: We buy it under value, turn it around, and immediately flip it for more. We’re able to create a value-add similar to multifamily and go ahead and sell it for more money.

Jon Jasniak started flipping land in 2016, when he was 23 years old, while working as a full-time engineer. After a year and a half of doing both, he quit his job to go into the land game full-time. In the last 7 years, Jon has done over 700 deals, accounting for over 7000 acres, and built an 8-figure land business by the age of 30, including the most recent purchase of a small town in Texas.


Rachel Richards

Owner and Operator of Money Honey

Quote: Passive income is money earned with little to no ongoing effort. Don’t get me wrong: it’s no get-rich-quick scheme. Once your passive income exceeds your living expenses, you are retired.

Rachel Richards built a real estate portfolio of 38 rental units by the age of 26. She is a two-time bestselling author and has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider. She makes the topic of money management fun, entertaining, and simple for her 450,000+ millennial followers. Rachel helps women feel excited, capable, and confident about their financial futures.


Matt King

CEO of GoBundance

Quote: Our lives are hot air balloons. What holds a balloon down? Weights, right? Strings and weights. The people you choose can be strings and weights for your hot air balloon. Now, they can also be the fire that beautifully lifts that hot air balloon into the air.

Matt King is the CEO of GoBundance, a high-level mastermind group and supportive tribe for successful men who want to grab life big! Matt leads by example and dedicates time to providing as much value back to the members as possible.


Honorable Mentions:

What was the best real estate investing strategy for 2023? We held a debate to find out, featuring:

Hayato Hori

Owner at RocketOffr

Hayato liked wholesaling as a strategy because there are many institutional and retail investors still looking to buy; you can get in and out of deals quickly with low risk; and it requires little capital to get started.


Kyle Stanley

Founder of the Fearless Investor

Kyle recommended a short-term rental strategy because of the accelerated cost segregation with the STR loophole, accelerated cash flow, increased property value, and ease of maintenance.


Chris Clothier

Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker

Chris liked turnkey houses because they’re a passive investment in a high-demand physical asset; you can invest anywhere in world, manage virtually, and build long-term relationships with investors.


Henry Washington

CEO at Independence Realty Group

Henry recommended fix-and-flips as a strategy because of the opportunity to buy at a discount, more deal flow, and the fact that affordable housing has a positive impact on the community.


PJ Ghadimi

Entrepreneur, philosopher, and author of Third Circle Theory

Quote: Imagine how powerful you can be if you commit to becoming better at your craft every day for 20 years. Imagine you're a plumber. Just a plumber. This is something most people would never associate with being rich. A plumbing job may not make you a millionaire, but being the best plumber the city or state’s ever seen means you probably have a pretty big plumbing company and people that are doing that trade for you.

PJ Ghadimi is a self-made millionaire who’s taken the world of entrepreneurship by storm. He transitioned out of a lucrative but limited career in banking to build several successful businesses, including Exotic Car Hacks and Watch Trading Academy. Today, PJ is at the forefront of entrepreneurial education, helping aspiring business owners start their own venture and then grow to the next level of success.


Matt Faircloth

Real Estate Investor, Author, and Spaeker

Quote: The right way to scale is to scale all facets of a company—equity, operations, and acquisitions. And that's what we've been working on doing now. Everything from considering different management strategies, including managing on our own in some markets or something like that for property management, to just different ways to get equity [and] different ways to acquire deals.

Since diving into full-time investing back in 2005, Matt Faircloth has navigated the real estate landscape, from fix and flips to expansive apartment complexes. He has a portfolio boasting over $100 million in transactions and control over thousands of multifamily units. He is also the brains behind the Amazon Best Seller, Raising Private Capital.


Brooke Ceballos-Pinero

Real Estate Trailblazer

Quote: It doesn't matter if you're a woman. It doesn't matter if you're fat, if you're young or old. Or if you came from humble beginnings. Your situation can either paralyze you or propel you. I want people to know that whatever you put your mind to, and you are ruthlessly, unapologetically ambitious, anything can happen.

Brooke achieved financial freedom through real estate but is also dedicated to empowering others on their path to prosperity. With over two decades of experience in corporate America, she made a bold leap into the realm of real estate, and her story is a testament to the transformative power of determination, collaboration, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.


Maxwell Nee

Managing partner of OENO Australia and OENO Wine & Whiskey Fund

Quote: What we're not doing is buying bottles and barrels at the top price and hoping that they go up. We're not doing that. Just like in real estate, you don't want to be doing that. It’s like, when you go into real estate, you look at buying the land cheap and then adding the value later.

Matthew Nee quit his corporate job. Facing bankruptcy, he went from sleeping on couches to a 7-figure business and the world’s first wine and whiskey investment fund. He is the managing partner of OENO Australia and the OENO Wine & Whiskey Fund - a recession-proof and inflation-wave-riding fund that monetizes market inefficiencies, extracting diversified alpha at origination.


Mark Khuri

Co-Founder of SMK Capital

Quote: Our motto has always been diversification, since day one. And we create funds to help do that. A lot of times, when we were the operators, we created funds, or we put together four or five, six, seven properties into one portfolio, so that if something didn't work in one of the assets exactly as we planned, the other ones could make up for it and help reduce risk.

Mark Khuri took a gamble on real estate in 2005. He survived the 2008 crash and has since executed over $1 billion in deals. He's a flipping genius and diversification wizard; from mobile home parks, ATM machines, self-storage, multifamily, and oil wells, he's mastered the art of risk mitigation.


Chad Schieler

Real Estate Investor

Quote: Going from four units to 20 was a big jump. Going from 20 to 70 was huge. But the mentors are doing 150-plus all day long. No big deal. So, just getting a comfort factor with the mentors and knowing that you can run all these things past them and have them fact-check your underwriting models and give you advice. They've already been there.

A success story from our own community, Chad transitioned from a 17-year stint in the electronic payments industry to real estate investing, and today, he's a General Partner on 139 units and a Limited Partner on over 900 units across the U.S.


Travis King

Author of "The Land Investors Playbook: Powerful Game Plan to Scale to 7 Figures and Beyond!"

Quote: Unimproved land is a really good candidate to sell with seller financing. So, that's an approach we'll take where we have a 40-acre in northern Arizona; for example, it's a 15-year note that we created. So, we're going to be collecting payments for 15 years plus the interest income on that.

Travis King is a visionary entrepreneur who has discovered the transformative power of land investing. He is on a mission to help individuals achieve their long-held dreams of financial freedom through the art of land flipping. He has cultivated a thriving community of land bosses, individuals who are motivated to excel in the realm of land investments. Additionally, Travis leads a high-level mastermind for land investors, further fostering a culture of success and collaboration among like-minded individuals.


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