Off-Grid Living Soars in Popularity - Explore Featured Property in Yucca, AZ

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USA News PR September 07, 2023
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Off-Grid Living Soars in Popularity - Explore Featured Property in Yucca, AZ
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Emerging Trend: Off-Grid Living Surges in Popularity - Explore a Featured Property in Yucca, AZ Yucca, AZ, September 7, 2023 ( - In an era marked by a growing emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency, the allure of off-grid living has surged to the forefront of real estate preferences. A remarkable embodiment of this trend can be found in a stunning property located in Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe Ranch near the Hualapai Mountains and Lake Alamo in Yucca, AZ. This property exemplifies the increasing popularity of off-grid living, offering a harmonious blend of modern comfort, energy autonomy, and an eco-conscious lifestyle. Off-Grid Living: A Lifestyle Choice Defined by Independence The resurgence of interest in off-grid living is emblematic of a paradigm shift towards a more eco-friendly and self-reliant way of life. Home buyers are seeking alternatives that align with their values of minimizing their carbon footprint while enjoying the tranquility and freedom that nature provides. The featured property in Yucca encapsulates these aspirations. Featured Property Highlights: Yurt Home on Vast Acreage: Situated on an expansive 39.67 acres of picturesque landscape within Stagecoach Trails at Santa Fe Ranch, this property boasts a captivating yurt home. Designed with an open floor plan, the living room seamlessly connects with the master bedroom and loft area, creating an inviting living space that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. Cutting-Edge Solar Power: Energy independence takes center stage with a state-of-the-art 13,000 Watt Solar System, complete with Split Phase 240 volt AC power. Powered by nearly 8000 Watts of SunPower, 327 Watt Mono Solar panels, and 31.2 kWh (750 Amp Hours) of Tesla Model S lithium-ion batteries, this solar setup embodies a self-sustaining energy solution valued at over $100,000. Reliable Water Source: A 525-ft deep well yielding 7 gallons per minute ensures a consistent and secure water supply. The well pump, replaced just 2 years ago, underscores the property's commitment to reliability and sustainability. Green Living Oasis: Green thumbs are invited to flourish in the newly completed 12ft x 16ft greenhouse. Cultivate a variety of plants and vegetables while embracing an off-grid, eco-conscious lifestyle. Expansion Opportunities: For those seeking to expand their off-grid experience, an additional 39.79 acres of adjacent land is available. Equipped with a 5th Wheel and two 40-ft high cube containers, the possibilities for expansion are endless. As off-grid living continues to soar in popularity, this featured property in Yucca, AZ offers a unique opportunity to embrace a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. With its stunning yurt home, cutting-edge solar power system, reliable water source, and green living oasis, this property is a testament to the growing demand for off-grid living options. For more information or to schedule a viewing of this featured property, please contact:
Alice Adams, Real estate agent [email protected]
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