Property Funnels Releases 20 Exciting New Features in 2023!

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USA News PR December 22, 2023
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Property Funnels Releases 20 Exciting New Features in 2023!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Property Funnels Releases 20 Exciting New Features in 2023! Pretoria - December 22, 2023 ( - Property Funnels, the leading real estate marketing platform, is thrilled to announce the release of a range of exciting new features for 2023. These additions are designed to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and drive even greater success for real estate professionals. The 2023 feature fest included a wide array of tools and functionalities that will revolutionize the way real estate agents and marketers engage with their audience.
Here are some of the highlights: Bulk Whatsapp: Property Funnels now allows users to send bulk messages through Whatsapp, enabling seamless communication with clients and prospects.
Facebook Ads Launcher: With this new feature, users can effortlessly launch and manage Facebook ads directly from the Property Funnels platform, maximizing their reach and lead generation potential.
Conversational AI: Property Funnels introduces Conversational AI, an advanced technology that enables automated, personalized conversations with website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile visitors, ensuring a seamless user experience. Live Chat for your website: Users can now integrate live chat functionality into their websites as well as leverage Conversational AI, providing real-time support and assistance to visitors, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Communities: Property Funnels introduces Communities, a feature that allows users to create and manage online communities, fostering engagement and collaboration among clients, prospects, and industry professionals. Enhanced Contact Type features: Users can now categorize their contacts more effectively, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communication. Contact Engagement Scoring: Property Funnels now offers a contact engagement scoring system, allowing users to identify and prioritize their most engaged leads for more effective follow-up. iCloud Calendar integrations: Users can seamlessly integrate their iCloud calendars with Property Funnels, ensuring efficient scheduling and task management. Review Widget Customization: Property Funnels now provides customizable review widgets, allowing users to showcase their positive reviews and testimonials on their websites and funnels. Image Slider Element in website and funnels builders: Users can now create visually stunning websites and funnels with the new image slider element, enhancing the overall user experience. Video Background in funnels and websites: Property Funnels introduces video background functionality, enabling users to create captivating and engaging websites and funnels. Workflow Drip Action: Users can now automate their marketing workflows with the new workflow drip action feature, ensuring timely and targeted communication with leads. Task Completed Workflow Action: Property Funnels now offers a task completed workflow action, allowing users to automate follow-up tasks and streamline their workflow processes. Landing page split testing: Users can now conduct split testing on their landing pages, optimizing their conversion rates and identifying the most effective designs and content. Documents: Property Funnels introduces a document management feature, enabling users to store, organize, and share important documents securely. Calendar Widget Customizations: Users can now customize their calendar widgets, ensuring a seamless integration with their branding and website design. Form and Survey Themes: Property Funnels now offers a range of customizable themes for forms and surveys, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement.
TikTok Auto posting in the Social Media Planner: Users can now schedule and automatically post content to TikTok through the Property Funnels Social Media Planner, expanding their reach and visibility on this popular platform.

Auto Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, TikTok

LinkedIn Lead Form Integrations: Property Funnels now integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Lead Forms, enabling users to capture leads directly from their LinkedIn campaigns. Followers for Contacts and Opportunities: Teams can now track and manage contacts and opportunities, ensuring effective team collaboration. "These new features are a testament to Property Funnels' commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for real estate professionals," said David Steynberg, founder of Property Funnels. "With these additions, users can expect enhanced productivity, improved lead generation, and increased customer satisfaction." To learn more about Property Funnels and its new features, please visit About Property Funnels: Property Funnels is a leading real estate marketing platform that empowers real estate professionals with innovative tools and technologies to streamline their marketing efforts and drive success. With a focus on user experience and lead generation, Property Funnels continues to revolutionize the real estate industry. Contact: David Steynberg Founder Property Funnels Website:
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