Retired Boxer Turned Surgeon Opens Orthopedic Practice in Hemet, CA

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USA News PR October 27, 2023
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Retired Boxer Turned Surgeon Opens Orthopedic Practice in Hemet, CA
Retired Boxer Turned Surgeon Opens Orthopedic Practice in Hemet, CA

Nationwide, October 27, 2023 ( - After completing his residency, Dr. MacArthur served as a surgeon in the United States Army, where he was deployed to Iraq during the war. His time in the military further honed his skills and instilled in him a deep sense of duty and compassion for his patients. Now, Dr. MacArthur is excited to bring his extensive knowledge and expertise to the community of Hemet, CA. His orthopedic practice will focus on providing comprehensive care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, including sports injuries, joint replacements, and fractures. With a patient-centered approach, Dr. MacArthur aims to improve the quality of life for his patients and help them regain their mobility and independence. "I am thrilled to open my orthopedic practice in Hemet," said Dr. MacArthur. "I am committed to providing the highest level of care to my patients and helping them overcome their orthopedic challenges. My goal is to not only treat their conditions but also educate them about their options and empower them to make informed decisions about their health." Dr. MacArthur's practice will offer a wide range of services, including diagnostic evaluations, non-surgical treatments, and minimally invasive surgeries. He will work closely with each patient to develop personalized treatment plans that address their unique needs and goals. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. MacArthur is dedicated to advancing the field of orthopedics through research and education. He has published numerous articles in reputable medical journals and has presented his findings at national conferences. Dr. MacArthur also serves as a mentor to medical students and residents, sharing his knowledge and expertise to shape the next generation of orthopedic surgeons. The opening of Dr. MacArthur's orthopedic practice in Hemet is a significant milestone for the community. Patients can now benefit from the expertise of a retired boxer turned surgeon who brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the human body. With his exceptional skills and compassionate approach, Dr. MacArthur is poised to make a lasting impact on the orthopedic healthcare landscape in Hemet, CA. For more information about Dr. Robert MacArthur and his orthopedic practice, please visit About Dr. Robert MacArthur: Dr. Robert MacArthur is a retired boxer turned orthopedic surgeon based in Hemet, CA. With a strong background in medicine and a distinguished military career, Dr. MacArthur brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his practice. He is committed to providing comprehensive care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions and helping them regain their mobility and independence. Dr. MacArthur is also actively involved in research and education, contributing to the advancement of the field of orthopedics.

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