AudioHouse Opens Public Testing for Revolutionary Self-Serve Recording Studios, Empowering Creators

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USA News PR September 12, 2023
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AudioHouse Opens Public Testing for Revolutionary Self-Serve Recording Studios, Empowering Creators


AudioHouse Opens Public Testing for Revolutionary Self-Serve Recording Studios, Empowering Creators

Houston,TX, September 12, 2023 ( - AudioHouse, the Utah company redefining the landscape of audio recording, is thrilled to announce the commencement of their public testing phase for their revolutionary self-serve recording studios. Catering specifically to young musicians and podcast creators, these studios empower users to achieve professional-grade audio recordings without the need for extensive technical expertise. This hassle-free recording experience unlocks the potential for creators of all experience levels to feel confident in their quality and create more content, faster than ever before.

During the public testing phase, AudioHouse has shown commitment to making high-quality audio production accessible to all, with studio reservations available at an incredibly affordable rate of just $15 per hour. This pricing model is designed to support aspiring creators while providing them with the tools they need to turn their creative visions into reality.

The standout feature of AudioHouse's self-serve recording studios is their effortless setup for creators. Each studio is pre-equipped with all the essential recording gear, including microphones, audio interfaces, speakers, and cables—everything is already plugged in, set up, and configured for optimal performance. Artists or podcasters simply log in to the provided studio computer and access AudioHouse’s user-friendly interface to start recording, instantly! Alternatively, experienced musicians, podcasters, or narrators can bring their own laptop, connect via USB, and utilize their preferred software to record their content.

Key features of AudioHouse's self-serve recording studios include:

User-Friendly Interface: AudioHouse's intuitive interface ensures that creators of all skill levels can seamlessly navigate the recording process, from setup to final output.

Studio-Quality Sound: Equipped with professional-standard recording equipment, automated mixing & mastering technology, and custom-crafted acoustic spaces, users effortlessly attain studio-quality audio recordings.

Round-the-Clock Accessibility: AudioHouse studios are open 24/7, allowing creators to record at their convenience and on their schedule.
Affordability for All: At only $15 an hour, AudioHouse shows their commitment to their mission of making professional audio recording accessible for independent creators, eliminating the financial barriers that often hinder creative projects, and democratizing access to industry-standard recording quality.

During an early testing phase, AudioHouse received overwhelmingly positive feedback from creators who were impressed by the ease of use and the high-quality sound produced in the self-serve recording studios. Over 200 creators released their content with an average recording cost of just $40 per release. This demonstrates the company's commitment to affordability and accessibility for the creative community.

During the public testing phase, AudioHouse will be collecting feedback from users to further enhance the user experience and address any potential issues. This feedback will be invaluable in shaping the final version of the self-serve recording studios.

Creators interested in participating in the public testing can reserve a studio online at today and get their first hour for free.

AudioHouse plans to expand its self-serve recording studios to more locations in the near future, making professional audio recording accessible to creators worldwide. The company also has plans to introduce additional features and services based on user feedback and market demand.

Tyler Gibbs, one of AudioHouse’s co-founders, expressed their excitement about this milestone: "The mission of AudioHouse will always be to make professional audio production more accessible for the dreamers, the hobbyists, and the passion-driven. Our goal at AudioHouse is to empower creators of all backgrounds and provide them a way to easily create content they feel confident in sharing. With the opening of our public testing for our self-serve recording studios, we are closer to making high-quality audio recording affordable and accessible to all."

Join the AudioHouse community and be part of this journey by booking a session in one of their self-serve studios at - if you’re not near a studio download the AudioHouse app and take advantage of their online audio collaboration tools today.

For media inquiries, please contact: Tyler Gibbs [email protected]


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