HUDU Disrupts Gig Economy by Offering Gig Workers Paid Vacation

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USA News PR February 12, 2024
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HUDU Disrupts Gig Economy by Offering Gig Workers Paid Vacation

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HUDU Disrupts Gig Economy by Offering Gig Workers Paid Vacation

Des Moines, IA - February 12, 2024 ( - In a landmark move that sets a new standard in the gig economy, HUDU, a first mover in Gig Economy 2.0 or “GigTwo”, is announcing an unprecedented benefit for its community of Doers: two weeks of paid vacation, effective February 3, 2024.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in HUDU’s mission to redefine the gig work landscape, emphasizing the value and well-being of gig workers across the nation.

“As we lead the charge into GigTwo, our focus remains steadfast on the empowerment and support of our Doers,” said Derreck Stratton, Founder & CEO of HUDU. “Offering two weeks of paid vacation is more than a benefit; it’s a statement – people's priorities have shifted, and HUDU acknowledges the importance of work-life balance, something that's highly valued by workers today.”

The HUDU Paid Vacation Program demonstrates a commitment to empowering and supporting gig workers. This move brings HUDU a step closer to establishing itself as the preeminent gig marketplace. By acknowledging and rewarding gig workers for their dedication and hard work, HUDU addresses the demands of Gig Economy 2.0.

This announcement is just the beginning of HUDU’s plans to enhance the gig work experience. The company is dedicated to introducing further innovations and benefits that cater to the needs of Doers, reinforcing HUDU’s position as a leader in Gig Economy 2.0. When Doers feel valued, it shows in the quality of service they provide to Listers—a win-win for everyone that’s only possible in GigTwo with HUDU.

“We invite all gig workers to join us in this new era,” Stratton continued. “Together, we can shape a future where gig work is not just sustainable, but thriving.”

To learn more about HUDU, visit or download the HUDU app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Also, check us out on Facebook!

For More Information, Contact: Brett Westrum Chief Marketing Officer HUDU [email protected]

About HUDU: Founded in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2022 by Iraq War veteran Derreck Stratton, HUDU has rapidly become a leader in the gig economy. HUDU is redefining gig work by creating a fair, supportive ecosystem that empowers its users. HUDU's process is simple yet effective: a one-stop shop where you can find anyone to do anything, provided it's legal.


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