It’s called MonkieTv for a reason, brand new label, media distributor.

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USA News PR February 27, 2024
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It’s called MonkieTv for a reason, brand new label, media distributor.
It’s called MonkieTv for a reason, brand new label, media distributor.

Worldwide - February 27, 2024 ( -

MonkieTv, an independent music, media producer, and distributor for indie artists, is pleased to announce its latest venture in the entertainment industry. With a rich history of promoting underground talent and pushing boundaries, MonkieTv continues to be a driving force in giving independent artists a platform to showcase their unique creativity. By bridging the gap between unsigned talent and a wider audience, MonkieTv has successfully curated a diverse community of artists who are making waves in the music industry. As the demand for independent music continues to soar, MonkieTv remains committed to providing a platform where talented artists can flourish. Through their vast network of industry experts, MonkieTv is able to offer invaluable guidance and assistance to artists at every stage of their career. From providing access to state-of-the-art recording studios to helping secure distribution deals, MonkieTv is dedicated to helping artists reach their full potential. "We are thrilled to be a part of the independent music scene," says Nikolay Bey, CEO of MonkieTv. "We have seen incredible talent emerge from the underground, and we are passionate about supporting and promoting these artists. Our goal is to give them the recognition they deserve and help elevate their careers to new heights." MonkieTv's commitment to championing independent music extends beyond just distribution. They also curate engaging content on their online platform, showcasing the work of emerging artists alongside established names. By creating an inclusive community for music lovers, MonkieTv fosters an environment where fans can discover new music and connect with their favorite artists. With their finger on the pulse of the industry, MonkieTv plans to expand its reach and continue championing independent music in exciting new ways. Whether it's through innovative collaborations, groundbreaking events, or strategic partnerships, MonkieTv remains dedicated to breaking down barriers and giving deserving artists the recognition they deserve. For more information about MonkieTv and their efforts in promoting independent music, please visit their website at About MonkieTv: MonkieTv is a leading independent music, media producer, and distributor, dedicated to showcasing the work of talented artists across various genres. With a diverse roster of musicians, MonkieTv is committed to disrupting the status quo and championing the independent music scene. Through their innovative approach to distribution and promotion, MonkieTv has become a go-to platform for emerging artists seeking to break through in the industry.

Nikolay N Bey, CEO


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