My Husband, whose super smart and caring...

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USA News PR December 20, 2023
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My Husband, whose super smart and caring...

My Husband, whose super smart and caring...

Worldwide - December 20, 2023 ( -

Hey Moms,

I have something super cool to tell you about!

It's called Gun Lox, and it's a game-changer for keeping our families safe. My husband, who's super smart and caring, created it. He really listened to me when I said I was worried about gun safety at home.

Gun Lox is like a tiny, smart lock for guns. It works with your face! Yep, you heard that right. You use your smartphone, and it recognizes your face to unlock the gun.

It's like magic but for safety. And the best part? You can decide who else can use it. If you don't want someone to use the gun, just remove their face from the app. Easy peasy!

It's being called a "digital safe," and it's much better than those big, heavy safes. Why? Because it's small, easy to use, and you can carry it anywhere. Plus, it's way cheaper.

We all want to save money, right?

I'm so proud of my husband. He really cares about us and other families. He made Gun Lox to stop accidents with guns. No more worrying about our kids or their friends getting hurt by a gun by accident.

This little lock could save lives. I'm super excited about it and had to share it with you all. Let's keep our families safe together! Feel free to check it out at

Stay safe, A Caring Mom Hannah Van Winkle
About Gun Lox: Gun Lox is a smart lock designed to enhance gun safety and prevent accidents. Utilizing facial recognition technology, Gun Lox ensures that only authorized users can access the firearm through the mobile app. With its compact size, portability, and customizable access control, Gun Lox offers a convenient and affordable solution for families looking to prioritize safety. For more information, visit
Media Contact: Gun Lox [email protected]

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