New Book "Settle Your Side Hustle" Reveals 6-Step Blueprint for Online Business Success!

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USA News PR September 14, 2023
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New Book "Settle Your Side Hustle" Reveals 6-Step Blueprint for Online Business Success!
New Book "Settle Your Side Hustle" Reveals 6-Step Blueprint for Online Business Success!
Worldwide, September 14, 2023 ( - Devin Tracy, a seasoned entrepreneur and educator, is thrilled to announce the launch of his latest book, "Settle Your Side Hustle: A 6-Step Blueprint for Online Business Success." This comprehensive guide is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs transform their side hustles into thriving online businesses within just 30 days. With over 9,000 hours of teaching and 9 years of entrepreneurial experience, Devin Tracy is a trusted authority in the industry. As the CMO of Windfall Elite and the direct supervisor of the "Settle Your Side Hustle" project, Tracy has distilled his high-ticket coaching material into a practical, no-fluff roadmap. Renowned entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" star Kevin Harrington, has praised Tracy's expertise, stating, "Devin and Nick are two of the best digital marketers in North America today." "Settle Your Side Hustle" simplifies the online business launch process into six actionable steps, allowing readers to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship while avoiding common pitfalls. Tracy's extensive teaching and mentoring background ensures that the book is filled with valuable insights and strategies. To celebrate the book's release, Devin Tracy is offering signed copies for FREE, with readers only needing to cover a $9 shipping and handling fee. This limited-time offer provides an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain access to Tracy's wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition, on September 27th, Devin Tracy will host a free webclass, delving deep into the content of "Settle Your Side Hustle" and offering valuable guidance on launching a successful online business. This webclass is a must-attend event for budding entrepreneurs looking to gain practical insights and actionable advice. "Settle Your Side Hustle" is a testament to Devin Tracy's passion for teaching and entrepreneurship. It is an essential read for anyone aspiring to succeed in the online business world. To get your free signed copy of "Settle Your Side Hustle," visit: To register for the free webclass, visit:


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