Trump Coins to Watch on Ethereum and Solana in 2024

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USA News PR March 01, 2024
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Trump Coins to Watch on Ethereum and Solana in 2024

Trump Coins to watch on Ethereum and Solana in 2024

Worldwide - March 3 2024 ( - As the political landscape heats up ahead of Super Tuesday, meme coins inspired by former President Donald Trump are positioned to make waves on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. These meme coins are seeing increased interest as users look to capitalize on the political fervor surrounding the upcoming elections in multiple states that may very well crown Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Despite the differences in valuation these two projects on distinct blockchains have one thing in common; a strong organically grown patriotic community that continues to grow stronger by the day. Below we will start with the more mature of the two, as it has proven its strength and shown that the crypto community has an appetite for political coins.

ETH Coin (MAGA) – Launched on Aug 11, 2023 (6 months old) CA: 0x576e2bed8f7b46d34016198911cdf9886f78bea7 Telegram: Website: Twitter: @magamemecoin Total Circulating Supply 47,000,000

High of $7.73 up from only .015 since its listing on Coinmarketcap in September of 2023 a stagerring 51,400%.

It currently has a marketcap hovering around 285 million and a previous all time high of around 300 million. The project boast 29 weeks of continous donations to veterans and child trafficking prevention totaling 213 ETH, a current estimated value of $733,229 which is increasing weekly. The total holder count is nearing the 10,000 mark as of the time of writing and may be very well eclipsed as of the time of release.

With an election year and a persona like Trump, it is not far fetched to say that this is only the beginning for the MAGA coin on ETH and the incredible patriots that hold it. It is clear that searches for Trump will only continue to increase as election day nears in 2024. Just check out the google trends image below which was posted on the MAGAmemecoin twitter page. Trump will be on every news station, radio station, social media platform daily without fail, and the holders of this token may stand to win bigly. In fact, they already are! MAGA memecoin continues to consistently rank in the top 10 of the memecoin category on coinmarketcap.

Instructions on how to purchase the coin can be found on the website. It is important to keep in mind that there is a 1% tax when buying MAGA Meme Coin .66% of which goes to marketing, development, and adding liquidity and .33% of which goes to US Vets and Child Rescue donations. Additionally, there is a variable gas fee to account for on the ETH blockchain. Finally the MAGA coin can also be purchased on Bitmart and Poloniex for those that choose to use a centralized exchange. While the 1% tax may seem a burden to some, the impact of the donations is truly changing the world and we believe it is truly newsworthy. Now on to another America First coin (Trump) on Solana.

The Solana coin (TRUMP) is a community takeover coin that is only 1 month old, but has gone through trials and tribulations that have made the community stronger. Initially the dev intended to rug the project and leave. He did so, selling over 200k in tokens and abondoning the socials and the community. With thousands of holders and a worlds worth of trump supporters, the community came together to save the token, organizing through leadership and creating a new account on twitter, and a new website. This would eventually breed confidence and bring in new patriots leading them to hit their all time high soon after.

SOL COIN - (TRUMP) - Launched Jan 26th 2024 - Trump on Solana CA: AwRErBEFGTnohzfLeRSBH9HddQEy2oeRxnWLrbvFFh95 Telegram: Website: Twitter: @trumpsolanacoin Total coins in circulation: 47 B High of $.0002248 (10 million marketcap)

The coin has teased a full send hitting highs between 8 to 10 million in marketcap, but has yet to take off into the hundreds of millions like its ETH counterpart. Currently hovering at 1.2 million (Trump) has touched this floor twice previously after which it pumped 550% the first time and a near 1200% on the second go around as seen in the chart below. In order to match the ETH valuation this coin would have to 200-300x. While that may be a long ways away the community of strong holders holding the floor is confident and working dilligently to make Trump on solana a real winner in 2024.

In order to purchase Trump on Solana one must first purchase Sol on a wallet like Phantom or a centralized exchange to then send to phantom. From there one can connect the phantom wallet to the decentralized exchange Raydium, afterwhich one would be able to exchange SOL for the Trump coin by inserting the following contract address AwRErBEFGTnohzfLeRSBH9HddQEy2oeRxnWLrbvFFh95 in the swap to interface. A miniscule amount of .000025 SOL is used as a gas fee for the transaction and no tax is included in the purchase.

While it is uncertain what may happen with either coins in 2024, Trump will continue being a household name and there is a possibility that the speculation on these coins may continue to increase as the crypto bull market comes into full swing. We look forward to updating you as the election nears in regards to the progress of both of these coins. Finally, we invite all potential investors to read the cautionary note below.

Cautionary Note: As with any investment, especially in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, it's crucial to exercise caution. Meme tokens, while potentially rewarding, come with inherent risks. This article serves as an exploration rather than financial advice. Investors are strongly advised to conduct thorough research, evaluate risk tolerance, and consider consulting with financial professionals before making investment decisions.


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