USIDHR Attends Prestigious "Democracy from the Founding to the Future" Event Featuring Renowned Military Leaders

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USA News PR November 17, 2023
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USIDHR Attends Prestigious "Democracy from the Founding to the Future" Event Featuring Renowned Military Leaders
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USIDHR Attends Prestigious "Democracy from the Founding to the Future" Event Featuring Renowned Military Leaders
Washington, D.C., November 17th, 2023 ( – The United States Institute of Democracy and Human Rights (USIDHR) recently had the honor of participating in a significant event, "Democracy from the Founding to the Future." This notable gathering in Washington, D.C., brought together some of America's most esteemed military strategists and national security experts.

A notable highlight of the event was the presence of distinguished generals: Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Gen. John Kelly, and Gen. Jim Mattis. These respected veterans shared invaluable insights from their illustrious careers, enhancing attendees' understanding of strategic decisions shaping America's past, present, and future.

Manuel Oancia, co-founder of USIDHR and a member of the Mount Vernon George Washington, was among the esteemed invitees. His participation underlined USIDHR's commitment to engaging in crucial dialogues on national security, democracy, and human rights.

Gen. Dunford, Gen. Kelly, and Gen. Mattis offered profound perspectives on various topics, including military advisement, homeland security evolution, and strategic foresight in national defense. Their shared wisdom provided a deep well of knowledge and inspiration to all attendees.

"This event was a significant milestone in understanding American leadership and democracy," expressed Manual Oancia. "It was an honor to participate and represent USIDHR at such a prestigious gathering. The insights shared by these eminent military figures not only honor our nation's legacy but also illuminate our path towards a resilient and democratic future."

USIDHR's participation in the "Democracy from the Founding to the Future" event aligns with its ongoing mission to promote dialogue and understanding on democracy, human rights, and security. By engaging in such high-level discussions, USIDHR continues to contribute to informed policies and strategies that uphold democratic values and human rights worldwide.

About the United States Institute of Democracy and Human Rights (USIDHR): US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Washington, DC. Its main purpose is to advance education for all. Through its EduforEveryChild program, USIDHR helps kids at-risk of poverty go to school by supporting their education for an entire year.

So far, they have helped hundreds of kids go to school by awarding them the Edu-box containing school supplies, materials and necessaries to go to school. USIDHR also provides online courses and training on human rights, human trafficking, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, and business consulting.

Other programs include Let Her Lead, an initiative aimed at empowering young women through education and training, and Religious Pluralism for promoting religious freedom for all.

For more information about USIDHR and upcoming events, please visit their main website by clicking here.

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