Blu Impressions Publishing Presents: Lena Payton Webb Headlines LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo

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USA News PR February 23, 2024
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Blu Impressions Publishing Presents: Lena Payton Webb Headlines LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo


Lena Payton Webb Email: [email protected] Instagram Username: @bluimpressionsdesigns Facebook Link: Website:

Blu Impressions Publishing Presents: Lena Payton Webb Headlines LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo

Atlanta, Georgia — February 23, 2024 ( — Blu Impressions Publishing, in collaboration with LitCon🔥, is thrilled to announce Lena Payton Webb as the esteemed headliner at the upcoming LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo. Scheduled for March 2, 2024, from noon to 4 PM EST, this virtual event promises an unparalleled opportunity for authors and literary enthusiasts to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Lena Payton Webb, an accomplished author and the visionary behind Blu Impressions Designs LLC, brings over three decades of experience in graphic arts and storytelling to the forefront. From her roots in Detroit, Michigan, Lena's captivating narratives and stunning digital artistry celebrate the resilience and compassion inherent in the human spirit.

As the founder of Blu Impressions Designs LLC, Lena specializes in crafting custom journals, coloring books, and other enchanting creations that resonate with readers worldwide. Her books, prominently featured in esteemed retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, offer readers a journey of empowerment and inspiration.

"I am honored to headline the LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo and share my passion for storytelling with fellow authors and enthusiasts," says Lena Payton Webb. "Together with Blu Impressions Publishing and LitCon🔥, we aim to foster a community of creativity and connection within the literary world."

Presented by Blu Impressions Publishing, the LITCON🔥 Atlanta Author Expo promises an immersive experience for attendees, featuring inspiring keynote speakers, interactive sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. From industry insights to engaging with fellow authors, participants will find a wealth of resources to fuel their writing journeys.

"We are excited to partner with Lena Payton Webb and Blu Impressions Publishing for the LITCON🔥Atlanta Author Expo," says the LitCon🔥team. "Her dedication to empowering authors and sharing transformative stories aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we look forward to inspiring the next generation of writers."

Registration for the LITCON🔥Atlanta Author Expo is now open. To reserve your spot and unlock a world of inspiration and opportunity, visit today.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information about Lena Payton Webb and Blu Impressions Publishing, please contact Lena Payton Webb at [email protected].

About LitCon🔥: LitCon🔥is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a vibrant literary community through the organization and hosting of an annual literary convention. With a mission to celebrate the written word and empower authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts, LitCon🔥provides a platform for meaningful engagement, collaboration, and professional development within the literary industry.

For more information about LitCon🔥and the LITCON🔥Atlanta Author Expo, please visit


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