Boost Immunity with Winter Microgreens: Hemp Fiber Fuels New Food Trend!

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USA News PR November 22, 2023
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Boost Immunity with Winter Microgreens: Hemp Fiber Fuels New Food Trend!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boost Immunity with Winter Microgreens: Hemp Fiber Fuels New Food Trend! Drayton Valley, AB - Nov 22, 2023 ( - As the winter season approaches, maintaining a strong immune system becomes a top priority for many individuals. Introducing a revolutionary solution to bolster immunity during the colder months - Winter Microgreens! This new food trend, powered by the incredible benefits of hemp fiber, offers a simple and easy way to grow microgreens at home all winter long. Microgreens, the young and tender seedlings of vegetables and herbs, have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional nutritional value. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these tiny greens provide a concentrated dose of health benefits. Now, with the introduction of Microgreens being grown on the Terrafibre Hemp Mats, individuals can enjoy these nutrient powerhouses even during the harshest winter months. What sets the Terrafibre mats/Microgreens Partnership apart is the incorporation of hemp fiber, a versatile and sustainable material known for its numerous environmental benefits. Hemp fiber acts as a natural growth medium, providing the ideal environment for microgreens to thrive. Growing Microgreens at home is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort and resources. By following a few simple steps, anyone can enjoy a fresh supply of microgreens throughout the winter season. The process involves selecting the desired microgreen seeds, spreading them over a hemp fiber mat, and providing adequate moisture and light. Within a short period, the microgreens will be ready for harvest, ensuring a continuous supply of immune-boosting greens. The benefits of Winter Microgreens extend beyond their nutritional value. By growing microgreens at home, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable food system. Hemp fiber, being a renewable resource, adds an eco-friendly element to this new food trend, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices. Winter Microgreens are not only a game-changer for health-conscious individuals but also for food enthusiasts and culinary experts. These vibrant greens can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, adding a burst of flavor, texture, and visual appeal. From salads and sandwiches to smoothies and garnishes, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about Microgreens and how to incorporate them into your daily routine, visit or follow us on social media - @terrafibre. Join the movement and boost your immunity this winter with Microgreens - the perfect upgrade to your immune system!
About Biocomposites Group:
Biocomposites Group is a pioneering company specializing in sustainable materials made from Hemp Fibre. With a focus on utilizing waste products to create innovative solutions, they are committed to reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. Their Terrafibre line of hemp fibre products have gained global recognition for its exceptional quality and sustainability.

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