Children’s Book Author Shocked To Be Included In Book Ban

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USA News PR January 18, 2024
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Children’s Book Author Shocked To Be Included In Book Ban

Children’s Book Author Shocked To Be Included In Book Ban

"Author's Bold Response to Banned Book Sparks Global Conversation"

Worldwide - January 18, 2024 ( - Author John Charles is bewildered and sadded that his children’s book “Rufus The Bulldog Digs The Best, Deepest Hole Ever Dug”. The book, about an English Bulldog who dreams of digging a deep hole, contains nothing offensive according to the author. “There is no hidden agenda, there are no inappropriate messages, there is no controversial art, it’s a simple and straightforward story” says Charles.

According to reports the book has so far been banned in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. It is being challenged in Oklahoma. One librarian, speaking anonymously for fear of retribution, indicated that the ban may be related to the recent synagogue tunnel incident in New York city.

Questioned about this, author John Charles pointed out that the book was released in 2022, long before the tunnel issue came to light. Another anonymous official, also claimed the book was linked to the tunnel incident and claimed that the reference in the book to the famous Katz’s Deli is proof of this connection. The author has indicated that this is a “conspiracy theory”.

Rufus The Bulldog Digs The Best, Deepest Hole Ever Dug (ISBN 979-8797539179), which is available on Amazon as well as independent bookstores, has enjoyed modest sales but has found a following among fans of English Bulldogs. Before the ban, it was rumored that the book was being considered for adaptation into an animated series for a streaming service, but the recent controversy has had a chilling effect on negotiations.

Author John Charles strongly urges all fans to visit the American Libary Association website at to find how to fight censorship in their area.

For media inquiries, please contact: John Charles [email protected]
About John Charles: John Charles is an acclaimed author known for their thought-provoking and socially relevant works. With a passion for exploring complex themes and challenging societal norms, John Charles has gained a global following and has been recognized with numerous literary awards.

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