Daisy Marquez Launches Her Own Foundation to Financially Help Daca Recipients

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USA News PR August 16, 2023
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Daisy Marquez Launches Her Own Foundation to Financially Help Daca Recipients

Daisy Marquez Launches Her Own Foundation to Financially Help Daca Recipients
Los Angeles, CA, August 16, 2023 ( - Texas based influencer, Daisy Marquez, is one of the first influencers to use her platform to give back to the community around her. On August 15 th , Daisy announced that she is launching her very own Daisy Daca foundation offering financial support to recipients in the Latino community.
Born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Daisy’s mother brought her to the US to provide a better life. Throughout Daisy’s career as a social media influencer, Daisy has openly embraced her heritage and shared her story about her life and her journey. In her video “Story Time: I’m Undocumented” which has received over 1.5M views, Daisy shares her story about going to visit her family in Mexico and having to cross the border on her way back in.
Daisy is a self-taught makeup influencer and has amassed a sizeable following on across all her social media platforms. She got her start by creating 10 second makeup tutorials on Snapchat for fun. To her surprise Daisy began to see her fan base grow and gain some diehard fans. Marquez has had a lot of success over the course of her career, from being in multiple beauty campaigns and in stores WW.
Having launched her foundation this week, Daisy’s had an overwhelming response to her newly founded charity organization, the Daisy Daca Foundation. With over 1M+ views on the announcement video she put on both her Instagram and TikTok channels as well as over 10,000+ applications within 5hrs of the video going live, Daisy is filled with happiness for the chance to give back to her back to her Latino community that’s been her supporter since the beginning of her career. Having been a DACA recipient herself Daisy explains: “I hold this project very close to my heart, so I am beyond ecstatic that the Daisy Daca Foundation is finally here!! I created this foundation with the intention to help DACA recipients who could use the financial support when renewing their application! I have been a part of this program since 2012 and it fills me with joy knowing that now I am able to give back to my community.” Daisy Daca Foundation Video Daisy Marquez Instagram Daisy Marquez TikTok Daisy Marquez YouTube

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