Edu for Every Child: An Initiative by USIDHR to Support Education for Children from Low-Income Families

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USA News PR January 19, 2024
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Edu for Every Child: An Initiative by USIDHR to Support Education for Children from Low-Income Families
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Edu for Every Child: An Initiative by USIDHR to Support Education for Children from Low-Income Families January, 2024 - WASHINGTON, D.C. - January 19, 2024 ( - In an effort to combat educational inequality, the United States Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) proudly announces its ongoing Edu for Every Child program, a pivotal initiative dedicated to providing essential resources to children from low-income families, facilitating their access to education. With a staggering 258 million children globally not attending school, USIDHR steps up as a beacon of hope, especially for vulnerable young girls and boys. #EducationForAll – A Call to Action Edu for Every Child is not just a program, but a global call to action. By contributing to #EduforEveryChild, donors make a 100% tax-deductible contribution towards breaking the cycle of poverty through education. This initiative empowers children by offering them the opportunity to receive an education, a crucial step in changing their lives for the better. The Edu-Box: Equipping Children for Success At the heart of this initiative is the Edu-Box, a comprehensive package containing all the necessary supplies for a child to attend school for an entire year. These boxes, tailored to meet the cultural and educational needs of each country, include school backpacks, shoes, uniforms, lunch boxes, notebooks, pencil cases, and other essential school supplies. Transparent Allocation of Funds USIDHR ensures that 100% of the donations go directly to children in need. In addition to donations, the program is supplemented through funds from USIDHR’s program services. By investing in courses, training, and coaching services offered by USIDHR, donors contribute to extending the reach of the Edu for Every Child campaign. Global Impact: Stories of Change The Edu for Every Child initiative has already made significant impacts worldwide: - Romania, 2023: Over three months, the program provided daily hot meals to 200 children in impoverished Transylvanian communities.
- Peru, 2022: Financial support and educational supplies were given to 250 underprivileged children for Christmas.
- Mexico, 2022: 100 children in Mexico City received help to continue their studies.
- Ukraine, 2022: USIDHR supported Ukrainian refugees in Romania, providing essential supplies and human trafficking prevention training.
- Romania, 2022: 100 special needs children received Edu-boxes containing special education materials.
- Pakistan, 2021: 200 children from rural areas were supported with Edu-boxes.
Get Involved: Extend Edu for Every Child to Your Area USIDHR invites organizations to join this noble cause. Interested parties can apply to bring the Edu for Every Child initiative to their area by filling out a detailed application form available on the USIDHR website by clicking here. For more information on the Edu for Every Child program or to make a donation, please visit USIDHR's website here. Join us in spreading the word with #EducationForAll and #EduforEveryChild on social media. Together, we can ensure education for every child. About USIDHR The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization aiming to advance education for all. With a range of programs from supporting at-risk children to providing valuable training in human rights and diplomacy, USIDHR is at the forefront of empowering and educating communities both locally and globally.
US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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