EthosABA Pro Launches to Revolutionize ABA Practice Management and Staff Training

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USA News PR March 29, 2024
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EthosABA Pro Launches to Revolutionize ABA Practice Management and Staff Training

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EthosABA Pro Launches to Revolutionize Reliability, Flexibility, and Quality in ABA Practice Management and Staff Training -- for JUST $8 per client / per month

San Francisco, CA, - March 29, 2024 ( - In a significant development for the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) community, Special Learning and Unitus TI are thrilled to announce their partnership to launch EthosABA Pro, your ABA organization’s weapon to maximize employee retention and improve clinical and operational efficiency and effectiveness. With 99% uptime, the UnitusTI data collection and practice management system is one of the most secure and reliable SAAS programs in the market.

By combining efforts with Special Learning's content machine, the EthosABA Pro version of the Unitus TI platform will come bundled with Special Learning's RBT Training and Exam Prep product (valued at $199 for each license).

Combining the technological prowess of the UnitusTI platform with the educational excellence of Special Learning's Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training and Test Prep Product, EthosABA Pro is set to transform how ABA services are delivered and managed.

EthosABA Pro emerges at a time when ABA agencies are grappling with high technician turnover rates and the challenges of maintaining quality service delivery. With its promise of over 99% system uptime, EthosABA Pro offers unparalleled reliability, ensuring that practices can offer continuous, uninterrupted care to their clients.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched Reliability: Powered by UnitusTI, EthosABA Pro guarantees 99% uptime, providing agencies with the confidence that their operations will run smoothly, without interruption.

  • Comprehensive RBT Training Package: In partnership with Special Learning, EthosABA Pro includes an extensive RBT training program and exam prep (2 85-question mock exams) valued at $199 per license, ensuring staff are well-prepared and qualified.

  • Streamlined Operations: From scheduling and billing to data analysis and reporting, EthosABA Pro automates and simplifies the management of day-to-day tasks, allowing practices to focus on what matters most — their clients.

"Special Learning's founder and CEO, Karen Chung stated, "Our mission with EthosABA Pro is to address the pressing challenges faced by ABA practices today, including high cost of operations, unprecedented staff turnover, and the demand for reliable, efficient practice management solutions and data collection system that can do more than the bare minimum...

By combining cutting-edge technology with comprehensive staff training, we're not just offering a product but a complete ecosystem that supports the growth and success of ABA services."

EthosABA Pro is more than just a practice management system; it's a testament to an organization's commitment to enhancing the ABA community's capabilities. By integrating advanced technology with specialized training, EthosABA Pro empowers practices to deliver higher-quality services, improve client outcomes, and achieve new levels of operational efficiency.

Special Launch Offer: To celebrate the launch, EthosABA Pro is offering new clients the opportunity to save nearly 50% off the original $999 setup fee for a limited time. Interested ABA practices are encouraged to schedule a demo and experience firsthand how EthosABA Pro can transform their operations. For more information about EthosABA Pro and to schedule your demo, please visit:

About Special Learning, Inc.

Special Learning is a global leader in providing educational resources and interventions for the autism and neurodiverse communities. Founded by Karen Chung, the organization leverages technology to offer accessible quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) resources and therapies worldwide. Special Learning's mission is to ensure quality support for individuals with autism, driven by values of excellence, inclusivity, and collaboration. It serves as a vital resource for families, educators, and healthcare professionals, aiming for better outcomes across the neurodiverse

About Unitus TI

UnitusTI by Mundo Pato Inc. is a global cloud-based technology firm transforming special education and therapeutic practices. Our flagship, the Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) platform, offers educators and therapists a secure, cloud-hosted environment for creating, managing, and delivering customized treatment plans and curricula. Designed by experts, UnitusTI supports a wide array of users including school districts, clinics, and individual practitioners across disciplines. The platform ensures robust data management with comprehensive compliance (HIPAA, FERPA, VPAT, GDPR) and features an intuitive interface for streamlined operations—from data acquisition to insightful reporting. Committed to excellence and inclusivity, Mundo Pato Inc. empowers professionals worldwide to enhance outcomes for individuals with special needs through innovative technology solutions.

Contact: Karen Chung CEO Special Learning, Inc. [email protected] 312-933-7650


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