Exactly What to Roleplay: Elevating Communication in Real Estate

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USA News PR November 06, 2023
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Exactly What to Roleplay: Elevating Communication in Real Estate
Exactly What to Roleplay: Elevating Communication in Real Estate

Nationwide, December 4, 2023 ( - International speaker Phil M. Jones, bestselling author of "Exactly What to Say," and Valerie Upham, a renowned San Diego Realtor®, teamed up to create "Exactly What to Roleplay" to help real estate professionals have more effective conversations. “Exactly What to Roleplay” is a fun and educational way for real estate professionals to practice persuasion skills. The game can be played alone or in groups. While roleplaying, players gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate their most critical conversations by successfully managing everyday objections. It’s not about changing someone’s mind; it’s about shifting their perspective. This set of cards delivers all 32 sequences of magic words from Phil M. Jones' bestselling book, “Exactly What to Say,” examples of common real estate scenarios, and responses that will result in more effective client conversations. The cards include examples of objections real estate agents often encounter and responses. While roleplaying with others, players move from defending objections to overcoming obstacles and achieving their desired outcome. What started as a tiny little book has evolved to become a movement. Helping change our world for the better, one conversation at a time.
Early adopters of "Exactly What to Roleplay" are excited about the hands-on access to Phil's "Magic Words" from "Exactly What to Say," and the engaging way seasoned and new agents can practice responding to specific real estate scenarios they encounter daily. Andrea Ferry, CEO of Rookie to Rainmaker, a company that specializes in lead generation and conversion for real estate agents, boasted the value of the game, confirming, “Adding the ‘Exactly What to Roleplay’ cards into my teaching toolkit has been a game-changer. As a facilitator, I've witnessed firsthand how these cards bring a new dimension of fun and engagement to various learning scenarios. They've not only made learning enjoyable, but have also fostered growth and skill development in my students. The roleplay cards are an invaluable tool for team leaders, individual agents, and facilitators to help bring the book to life.” Teams are using "Exactly What to Roleplay" in their team meetings and finding great success. Matt Farnham of Fiv Realty reported, “There is not a better tool to prepare for effective conversations than the Exactly What to Roleplay cards. Thanks to this game, our team is more confident and communicating better…and as a result, helping more families buy and sell homes!” That was our goal for creating the cards. Through play, participants learn exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count.
Individual card decks, and team packs of 10 are available for purchase at Every card purchase gives buyers private access to an exclusive “Exactly What to Roleplay” mastermind group to share wins, strategies, and ideas. They can also get support to take initiative in their business, increase their skill, and receive marketing strategies and resources that utilize language from “Exactly What to Say.”
About Phil M. Jones: Phil M Jones is a master of influence and persuasion – the author of the best-selling “Exactly” Book Series with over 1 million copies sold – producer of the “Most Listened To” non-fiction Audiobook of all time – a trusted advisor for some of the world’s biggest brands – and entrepreneur since the age of 14. About Valerie Upham: Valerie Upham is a 20-year industry veteran in the San Diego real estate market; she and her team rank in the top 1000 for small teams nationwide. Known for her experience and heartfelt approach, she has assisted hundreds of clients in reaching their real estate goals. Specializing in helping seniors and their families downsize, Valerie extends her expertise to first-time buyers and experienced home owners, ensuring personalized, attentive service for every client.
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