Expozeur Redefines Small Business Growth Potential with 'Business-to-Brand' Consulting

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USA News PR September 20, 2023
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Expozeur Redefines Small Business Growth Potential with 'Business-to-Brand' Consulting
  • Comprehensive 5-Phased Program to Develop Crucial Business Growth Foundations within 6 Months for Service-Based Businesses Under $10MM in Revenue

    PALM BEACH, FL, September 20, 2023 ( – Expozeur, a leader in branding and marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs, unveils its strategic rebrand. Founded in 2017 by branding executive Brandon Fertig, this rebrand marks Fertig's transition from leading marketing teams for nearly a decade to focusing on Expozeur's evolution. His departure as COO and Head of Brand for a Virginia-based marketing agency this summer has signified a new future for Expozeur. Recognizing the critical need for strategic branding, Expozeur shifts from a limited focus on traditional marketing tactics to a holistic approach that covers all core operations for business growth, from sales to technology to team-building.

    This new focus for Fertig also marks the unveiling of a programatic 1:1 personalized consulting framework for small business owners seeking to “level up” their business. Expozeur’s Business to Brand program is designed to charter a new path forward for entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with wearing “all of the hats” – from salesperson to marketing director to human resources manager. Built for the busy entrepreneur at any stage, three program variations include Liftoff, Metamorphosis, and Time-warp, differing in the frequency of consulting calls and done-for-you deliverables, including dozens of structured steps, such as guided competitor analysis, workflow automation, campaign landing pages to, revenue strategy, brand identity, critical decision evaluation, and a plentitude of other benefits and deliverables. The baseline program, Liftoff, includes the same comprehensive 5-phase framework and technology that the other packages offer, and also includes 1:1, custom-tailored consulting – making it unlike any other business coaching program in its category.

    Expozeur’s diverse experience working with companies of all sizes reveals a significant gap: many small businesses often lag about three to five years behind corporate marketing departments in adopting current best practices and tools. This divide underscores the urgency for small businesses to modernize their strategies, tapping into the expertise that larger corporations and tech hubs have mastered, or else be displaced by them. The Business-to-Brand program lays the required foundations for rapid and exponential business growth with a focus on technology, branding, sales, marketing, and operations/HR.

    Fertig says, “Entrepreneurs wear lots of hats. As an ‘Intrapreneur’ involved in cross-functional leadership for several companies, I can relate. It can be exhausting. Every single aspect of the business is like a door that you walk through that only leads to more doors, which lead to more doors. You don’t know what you’re in for until you walk through it. It’s easy to get lost!” Expozeur acts similarly to a fractional COO for business owners, installing systems and strategies that are principal-based and saving the business owner a tremendous amount of time and headaches. “Our mission is to foster business growth, ultimately. That requires solid foundations. We equip entrepreneurs with a CEOs mindset, innovative strategy, and cutting-edge tools to set them on a fast trajectory of growth.”

    The exponential pace of innovation (e.g. AI) combined with rapidly evolving consumer psychology demands that companies constantly reimagine their branding and marketing to thrive. Expozeur's anecdotal experience suggests that most small businesses under $10MM, may not be adapting swiftly enough to take advantage of the market opportunities, especially with the game-changing development of generative artificial intelligence in late 2022. This new world has presented small businesses with the opportunity to use tools that nearly parallel entire job functions, enabling the entrepreneur to essentially “hire” robots to do jobs better, faster, and cheaper. Expozeur’s commitment to practical innovation is helping clients do things that were once unimaginable for the small business.

    In addition to helping clients stay ahead of the curve on marketing technology, automation, and best-practices, Expozeur will continue to help its clients with various standalone projects, especially including specialization web design/development and marketing/advertising campaigns. Business owners can take the complimentary Business to Brand Quiz and receive scored feedback according to their company’s overall ‘brand readiness.’ Companies that wish to learn more about the consulting program and other offerings can learn more at Expozeur’s website.

    About Expozeur

    Expozeur was founded in 2017 by Brandon Fertig as an inbound marketing agency emphasizing a philosophy coined “people-first marketing.” Initially specializing in websites, landing pages, funnels, and advertising, Expozeur has reimagined its focus from surface tactics to strategic depth that reaches the heart of a business. Fertig has spoken on global platforms, elucidating the nuances between branding and marketing. At its heart, Expozeur is committed to up-leveling companies, aiming for the enduring impact that distinguishes legacy brands. Discover how Expozeur is turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary brands at Contact Information

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    +1 561-571-1247

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