Indie Horror spine-chilling "Spaghetti" Haunts Tubi

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USA News PR January 11, 2024
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Indie Horror spine-chilling "Spaghetti" Haunts Tubi
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Indie Horror Sensation "Spaghetti" Haunts Tubi Los Angeles, CA - January 11, 2024 ( - Acclaimed horror director Adam Gierasch's latest indie release, "Spaghetti," has taken Tubi by storm. Starring the talented duo Brittany Lucio and Newton Mayenge, along with Donna Glytch, the film has quickly become a favorite on the popular streaming platform, captivating audiences with its dark story and captivating performances. "Spaghetti" tells the gripping tale of Nurse Lena Simon, portrayed by Lucio, who believes she has found love with businessman Scotty Sharpe, played by Mayenge. When Lena suspects Scotty of infidelity, she turns to her best friend, Toni, for advice, leading her down a twisted path of voodoo rituals that unleash supernatural terror. Adam Gierasch, known for his work on horror cult classics like "The Toolbox Murders" and "The Mother of Tears," continues his success with "Spaghetti," which has quickly climbed the charts on Tubi. The film is currently trending in various categories, including Horror and Black Cinema, and has been featured in the "Most Searched" section daily since its release. Produced by Lyle Howry, a seasoned producer with credits including "A Prisoner's Path" and "STREET," alongside partner Jason Rainwater, "Spaghetti" has garnered recognition in over 38 film festivals. It recently won the prestigious Best Film award at the Culver City Film Festival and received a nomination at the Cannes International Film Festival. "Spaghetti" is now available for streaming on Tubi, offering audiences a thought-provoking and entertaining cinematic experience. With plans for at least 18 more festival entries in 2024 and its momentum building on Tubi, the film's profile is expected to continue rising. To watch "Spaghetti" for free, visit For media inquiries, please contact: Skinfly Entertainment Melanie 213-267-2461 [email protected]

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