LiveGood Launches Exclusive Membership Program for Premium Wellness Solutions

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USA News PR August 15, 2023
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LiveGood Launches Exclusive Membership Program for Premium Wellness Solutions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LiveGood Launches Membership Program for Premium Access to Innovative Wellness Solutions Worldwide, August 15, 2023 ( - LiveGood, a leading lifestyle brand, is excited to announce the launch of its membership program, providing exclusive access to amazing products for its members. Membership Program Highlights: Exclusive Discounts: Members will receive special pricing on all LiveGood products, services, and supplements, providing the ultimate value for their investment. Members will also have early access to new products and receive exclusive promotions and discounts. Wellness Resources: Members will have access to an extensive library of wellness resources, including team Facebook and Telegram pages, and more. The program also provides the opportunity to participate in virtual wellness challenges and a supportive community to help members stay motivated and on track. Personal Coaching: LiveGood members will have the option to work one-on-one with wellness coaches to help take their wellness journey to the next level. Members can consult with experienced wellness professionals for personalized guidance and support. As a brand, LiveGood is dedicated to providing the latest and most innovative solutions in the wellness industry. The membership program is designed to help individuals achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle through expert guidance, high-quality products, and a supportive community. "We are thrilled to launch our membership program, offering individuals the opportunity to access premium wellness solutions at exclusive prices," said Ben Glinsky, CEO of LiveGood. "Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their well-being and provide them with the tools and support they need to live their best lives." Those interested in becoming a member of the LiveGood program can do so by visiting the LiveGood website at For a limited time, LiveGood is offering early-bird discounts on membership fees, so individuals looking to embark on their wellness journey must not wait. For media inquiries, please contact: David Andresen LiveGood Affiliate [email protected] About LiveGood: LiveGood is a lifestyle brand committed to providing innovative solutions for individuals seeking a holistic approach to wellness. As a preferred brand among health and well-being enthusiasts, LiveGood offers premium products and services, including supplements, among others. For more information, please visit

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