Project Humboldt. PNK Group's Building Assembly Set Successfully Field-Tested

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USA News PR February 08, 2024
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Project Humboldt. PNK Group's Building Assembly Set Successfully Field-Tested
PNK Group learned how to correct erectors' mistakes and acquired its own plants.
Hazleton, Pennsylvania - February 8, 2024 ( - PNK Group has recently completed the sale of its first facility in the United States, constructed using its proprietary building assembly set technology, to Patton Logistics—a prominent e-commerce and logistics specialist. This groundbreaking building, totaling approximately 315,000 square feet, was erected in the Humboldt Industrial Park in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in 2022.

The agreement materialized after Patton Logistics conducted thorough tests on the building without prior commitments, commencing operations in May 2023. Impressively, Patton Logistics intended to purchase the facility shortly after the summer.

The construction process analysis provided PNK Group with valuable insights, enabling the company to make tactical and strategic decisions that will significantly impact its operations in the USA. The initial experience revealed potential pitfalls, including inaccuracies from erectors and material shortages, leading to a construction timeline of about 12 months, exceeding PNK Group's standards and proving unreasonably expensive.

Nevertheless, the process underscored the advantages of large-unit assembly and high-precision building structures. Despite the challenges, the construction remained relatively efficient, demonstrating the ease and convenience of the assembly process without critically slowing it down.

The human factor played a crucial role. Initially, erectors had to learn the technology on the job, leading to a few mistakes. However, PNK Group's large-unit elements facilitated easy corrections, allowing erectors to improve their skills over time. By the project's completion, assembly speed had significantly increased.

The building's elements for the Humboldt project were produced at different plants. Specifically, hydraulic equipment from Germany was delivered to the concrete precast plant. Within two months, the plant successfully integrated this new equipment, showcasing the required efficiency level.

Nevertheless, the high production costs and material shortages observed at the beginning of 2022 prompted PNK Group to strategically invest in its own production plants for structural building elements. This forward-looking decision will grant PNK Group greater control over the speed and cost of its work.

PNK Group is an engineering and manufacturing leader at the forefront of technological development in industrial construction. The company's construction method, centered on large-unit blocks, streamlines building assembly, ensuring maximum precision in manufacturing each element. This innovative approach reduces the need for extensive manpower and heavy machinery in the construction process.

For more information, please contact: Mark B. Stiles Partner PNK Group +1 (646) 517-7915 [email protected]
About PNK Group: PNK group is an engineering and production company which conducts technological development in the field of industrial construction. PNK Group as an investor finances the implementation of its projects, as a developer organizes construction, as an engineering company designs the building and as a general contractor erects multipurpose industrial buildings from large-unit blocks produced at its own plants.
About Patton Logistics: Patton Logistics offers a variety of transportation solutions for our clients. We work with your logistics team to provide and execute supply chain solutions. Our team has over 100 years of combined transportation and logistics knowledge and can provide customized solutions from spot capacity to single sourcing of truckload, flatbed, and dry van shipments throughout the United States and Canada.

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