“Rigging the Game” Continues to Reshape the Business Landscape

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USA News PR July 06, 2023
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“Rigging the Game” Continues to Reshape the Business Landscape


Renowned Entrepreneur Dan Nicholson’s Book “Rigging the Game” Continues to Reshape the Business Landscape

Seattle, WA, July 5, 2023 ( - Dan Nicholson's groundbreaking book, "Rigging the Game", continues to make waves in the entrepreneur community with over 240 reviews. The book has captured the attention of entrepreneurs globally, who are enthusiastically embracing its central concept of focusing on "closer over more".

A former accountant with Fortune 500 companies and one of the globally recognized top 40 accountants under 40, Dan Nicholson has an illustrious career. He has founded multiple small businesses, including Nth Degree CPAs, named as one of the 10 best-run mid-sized accounting firms in the US.

Utilizing insights from over 3,000 conversations with entrepreneurs, Dan developed The Certified Certainty Advisor certification through CertaintyU. This empowers business owners with strategies for increasing certainty, minimizing risk, and engineering cash flow. He also created the Certainty App, a financial tool built on the ideologies he teaches.
"Rigging the Game" encapsulates Dan’s experience, helping entrepreneurs create paths to what they value while eliminating risk and financial uncertainty. The book has already achieved remarkable success, securing placements on USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Seller lists. It has also dominated multiple categories on Amazon and became the #1 ebook on Barnes & Noble.

In “Rigging the Game,” Dan Nicholson shares invaluable insights, such as:
  • Identifying biases to evolve beyond them.
  • Turning big goals into actionable steps and checklists.
  • Replacing financial anxiety with financial certainty.
  • Beating the odds by playing one’s own game.
  • Randy Massengale, former senior advisor to Bill Gates, lauded the book, saying, "It contains theories that are on par with anything from the top business schools, yet it goes much farther by providing actual steps you can take to ensure success in your business and your life."

    Dan’s work is not just a guide to success but a clarion call to entrepreneurs to embrace unconventional thinking for financial transformation.

    To learn more about Dan Nicholson, check out his podcast, and delve deeper into his revolutionary approach, visit

    About Dan Nicholson:

    Dan Nicholson is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and accountant. With an impressive background in Fortune 500 companies, he has founded successful businesses and helped countless entrepreneurs through his certification, app, and book “Rigging the Game”.

    About “Rigging the Game”:

    “Rigging the Game” is a seminal work by Dan Nicholson that guides entrepreneurs on creating a path to what they value most, eliminating financial uncertainties, and transforming lives and finances through unconventional thinking. You can get your copy at

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