VeriDoc Global's Patent Success in India Boosts Global Verification Protocol

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USA News PR January 29, 2024
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VeriDoc Global's Patent Success in India Boosts Global Verification Protocol
VeriDoc Global's Patent Success in India Boosts Global Verification Protocol

Worldwide - January 29, 2024 ( -This patent success in India is a significant milestone for VeriDoc Global and its global verification protocol. With India's large population and growing interest in AI and blockchain technology, securing a patent in this country opens up new opportunities for VeriDoc Global to expand its reach and impact. The patent, titled "A System and Method for Document Information Authenticity Verification," combines a two-dimensional barcode, a hash, and the blockchain to provide a robust and secure verification process. This innovative protocol ensures the authenticity and integrity of documents, making it an invaluable tool for various industries and sectors. Having already been granted in over 95 countries, including the USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, China, the European Union, and Africa, this latest patent success further solidifies VeriDoc Global's position as a leader in document verification technology. VeriDoc Global's verification protocol offers numerous benefits, including enhanced security, reduced fraud, and increased efficiency. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, VeriDoc Global provides a transparent and tamper-proof verification process that can be applied to a wide range of documents, such as academic certificates, legal documents, medical records, and more. This patent success in India not only strengthens VeriDoc Global's intellectual property portfolio but also reinforces its commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients. With the global demand for secure document verification solutions on the rise, VeriDoc Global is well-positioned to meet these needs and drive the adoption of its verification protocol worldwide. VeriDoc Global is excited about the opportunities that this patent success in India brings. The company looks forward to collaborating with Indian businesses, organizations, and government agencies to implement its verification protocol and contribute to the country's digital transformation journey. For more information about VeriDoc Global and its patented verification protocol, please visit

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