Zachary Leyden Extends a Heartfelt Gesture to Police and First Responders

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USA News PR April 04, 2024
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Zachary Leyden Extends a Heartfelt Gesture to Police and First Responders

Zachary Leyden Extends a Heartfelt Gesture to Police and First Responders

Nationwide - April 4, 2024 ( - In a move that mirrors the depth of his empathy and his understanding of service and sacrifice, Zachary Leyden, the visionary behind Ocean View Stables, is extending his Veterans Ride Free program to include all active first responders for the entire month of April 2024. This initiative, inspired by Leyden’s own experiences with healing and community service, stands as a tribute to the heroes who walk among us every day: the firefighters, police officers, and first responders whose dedication to their communities often goes beyond the call of duty.

Lessons from the Saddle: Empathy, Service, and Sacrifice

Zachary Leyden’s journey from a veteran coping with PTSD to a natural horsemanship trainer and community benefactor has been shaped by numerous lessons learned in the company of horses. Through his interactions with these noble animals, he has gained insights into the values of empathy, patience, and the importance of a calm, composed leadership. Managing Ocean View Stables and its employees, along with his efforts to serve the community, has further deepened his appreciation for the qualities that define first responders: a selfless dedication to others, courage in the face of danger, and an unwavering commitment to their communities.

A Tribute to First Responders
Recognizing the parallels between the sacrifices made by veterans and those made by first responders, Leyden is moved to honor the latter’s service. “Just as horses have taught me the power of silent strength and resilience, my interactions with the community and my employees have shown me the profound impact of those who serve and protect us on the front lines,” Leyden says. “Extending our Veterans Ride Free program to include first responders is a gesture of gratitude for their unwavering service.”

How First Responders Can Participate
For the entire month of April 2024, active first responders are invited to experience the therapeutic benefits of horsemanship at Ocean View Stables, completely free of charge. To avail of this offer, eligible participants are asked to use the code Police24 or FirstResponder24 at the time of booking and to bring proof of active service as a police officer or first responder. This initiative not only acknowledges the sacrifices made by these professionals but also offers them a unique opportunity for relaxation, reflection, and connection with nature and the majestic horses of Ocean View Stables.

The Healing Power of Horsemanship
Horsemanship, especially the natural horsemanship championed by Leyden, offers more than just a riding experience. It fosters a deep connection between human and horse, promoting emotional healing, mindfulness, and a sense of peace. For first responders, who often face high-stress situations, this experience can provide a much-needed respite, a moment to recharge and find balance.

Looking Forward
Zachary Leyden’s initiative to include first responders in the Veterans Ride Free program for April 2024 is more than just a temporary offer; it’s a step towards building stronger community bonds and recognizing the integral role of service and sacrifice in our society. Leyden hopes that this gesture will not only provide first responders with a memorable experience but also inspire others to acknowledge and support those who dedicate their lives to serving their communities.Through this initiative, Leyden continues to use his platform and resources at Ocean View Stables to give back, to heal, and to honor those who serve. It’s a reflection of his journey, his values, and his belief in the power of empathy and community—a testament to the lessons learned from horses and the individuals who serve our communities with honor and bravery every day.

About Ocean View Stables
Ocean View Stables is a veteran owned horse recreational and educational facility located minutes from the San Francisco Zoo. OVS has unobstructed views of the ocean with trails to the beach. Come enjoy all that OVS has to offer!
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