x7live: Media Entrepreneur Josh Judy's Journey Through Innovation

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USA News PR July 04, 2023
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x7live: Media Entrepreneur Josh Judy's Journey Through Innovation

x7live: Media Entrepreneur Josh Judy's Journey Through Innovation and Passion

Lexington, KY, July 4, 2023 ( - In the vibrant landscape of digital media and entertainment, few personalities are as multifaceted as Josh Judy (@x7judy), the independent entrepreneur and founder of x7live, a full-service media and marketing company. Since its inception in late 2015, x7live has been instrumental in designing compelling web content, crafting commercial videos, and pioneering unique marketing strategies for businesses across the Kentucky bluegrass region and beyond. With a robust portfolio that includes over 40 business commercials and a series of successful rebranding projects, x7live has become a staple in the realm of digital marketing, courtesy of Judy's relentless innovation and unparalleled work ethic. However, x7live's reach extends beyond just marketing. The company also excels in wedding videography, further showcasing Judy's commitment to capturing and creating unforgettable narratives. x7Judy, fondly known as "Judy" to his friends, is no stranger to the music scene. His musical roots can be traced back to his pre-x7live days when he networked within the industry, drawing inspiration from rapidly growing teams like Post Malone and manager Dre London. These encounters fueled his belief in creating his own music outlet, particularly in a region like Kentucky, which was under-represented in the music scene at the time. x7live's contribution to the music industry materialized through Jukebox Culture, an initiative launched by Judy in early 2017. What started as a series of failed attempts to get traction quickly metamorphosed into a popular platform via Instagram. @JukeboxCulture now encourages artists, influencers, and business owners at all levels to showcase their best work for a chance to be featured. Judy's music and entertainment platform has not only helped bring visibility to talent from his home state of Kentucky but also created opportunities for him to collaborate with celebrated artists including Wuntayk Timmy, Teddy Swims, Dreebo Squeeze, OBN Dev, and Mykko Montana. His interactions with industry insiders have expanded to include interviews with Arnold Taylor, CEO of SCMG, Orlando McGhee, Head of Urban Music at ONErpm, and various other music and social media personalities. While Judy's entrepreneurial journey has been characterized by tenacity and innovation, he attributes much of his success to his wife, Samantha Judy. Her unyielding support and encouragement have been instrumental throughout the varying levels of his entrepreneurial journey. You can follow Judy's endeavors and the exciting evolution of x7live on his Instagram @x7judy. From media production to digital marketing and beyond, x7live continues to redefine the boundaries of the digital world, marking an exciting chapter in Josh Judy's entrepreneurial journey.

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